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- Japanese Seasonal Sunken Parks -
-Cherry Blossom Parks-
by Mas'71 -07,Apr,2007


This is the Sunken Seasonal Parks set.
I made 2 styles simple park LOTs.
Please plop it up while referring to the guide of the arrow.

< Details of LOTs >

You can use two of parks LOTs.

1. JPN Sunken Park -Kiddy-
Japanese some an old, popular play equipment are here.
Children forget time passes and are playing.

2. JPN Sunke Park -Modern-
A lot of people visit seeing beautiful Japanese cherry blossoms "SAKURA"
that bloom all over here in spring.

Lotsize : 3 x 5
PlopCost : $500
MonthlyCost : $50
BulldozeCost : $100
Wealth : Medium
LandmarkEffect : 20/12R
ParkEffect : 32/16R
Airpolution : -16/8R


Japanease Cherry-Blossom (Seasonal Tree)

Size ; 1x1
PlopCost : $5
no MonthlyCost, BulldozeCost.

All cons added to PARKs menu.


< Aditional Notes>

The lots are seasonal. Nothing is displayed down immediately after having dropped.
!! Please advance time. !! It will displayed in 1,March & 1/June & 1/September & 1/December.


< Dependencies >

You should get this one to use these LOTs.

MAS71 PropPack Vol02 (Parks)


If you find problems about this work, Please send a PM to me.

Thank you for Download,
If you were able to enjoy this work even a little, I am happy!! :-)

and I'm sorry to my no good English too.

My Best Regards

Mas'71 from JAPAN.

!! Even if a problem occurs in your SC4, PC and YourLife(lol)
on the use of a successful work product,
I do not carry all responsibility on my back.

!! It is prohibited to use this all of this work for the profit-pursuing purpose.

Specially recommended by Jeronij


sejr99999 thank you for these beautiful parks 2017-05-09
palmtown thank you very much !! :D 2009-12-26
Neeko Coolness in a box ^.^ 2009-04-20
Mas71 @Kimcar:You are the my end in view of good BATer!! @Cobras2:Dou itashimasite!(You\'re welcome:)) 2008-02-02
Cobras2 Arigato gozimasu, Mas-san! :-) 2007-12-13
kimcar What a great work . Thanks a lot there are very nice. 2007-11-10
Mas71 Thank you for your warm comment Natuurzoon!!I wish to you enjoy my park:-) Thank you! 2007-05-28
natuurzoon wow, that\'s simply amazing! gerat job on this!! 2007-05-06
Mas71 @mjig_dudy--Thank you for your warm word every time;-) I hope to you\'ll enjoy seasonal \"SAKURA\". @Jeronij--Thank you very much for uploading;-) 2007-05-05
mjig_dudy WOW! another excellent Lot, and seansonal, excellent 2007-05-04