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Creator: Daeley Upload Date: 2007-01-16
Last Update: 2007-03-20 File Type: Gameplay
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Updated to include current time and total time played since starting the game (20/03/07)

10 minutes after playing the game, you safety advisor will pop on by reminding you to save your city. From then on you can choose the delay before he pops in again (20, 30, 45 or 60 minutes). This should be a nifty tool for those players that lose track of time while playing (you know you do) and should prevent some of the occasional frustration of a game crash after three straight hours of playing without saving.

have fun!


AsimPika3172 Thank you very much! Yeah! 2018-06-23
scooterscooter my day has just been made, some-one else experiences the hours of playing *crash* oh damn, l forgot to save after the last city expansion. Thank you 2017-09-11
Lepova Clever mod! 2016-03-25
RaffAlbert Great! 2016-01-04
INeedGrowables Resetti? Is that you? 2015-11-12
Galacticruler Should\'ve done this earlier.<br /> VERY helpful, as I lose track of time incredibly fast. 2014-04-02
cswj999 This is amazing...this should\'ve actually been in vanilla. I also like how it\'s the safety advisor specifically, warning you to keep your save file safe. 2014-03-22
Espij9268 Fantastic! This will definitely help me out. I get so into the game that I totally forget to save lol. Thanks a bunch. 2013-10-15
Triden This is essencial 2013-01-05
martinus Absolutely nice addition to one\'s game, thank you very much. 2012-11-23
1123 Wow Thank You Daeley!For Letting Sam Armstrong Reporting me to save the game!=D 2012-11-04
stickem You are a time saving genius!!!!! 2012-05-24
APSMS I have seven words for you: Invaluable! 2012-05-16
Computica I didn\'t know such a mod existed. Thank you! 2012-04-28
hoss48458 Very Nice !!! 2011-11-16
tarmiji thanks 2011-11-07
Ioseph Thanks 2011-09-19
willeone Wow! thanks, man. 2011-08-13
Deku123 i would\'ve made the city planner pop-up but this is great anyways. 99% 2011-06-01
InfinitRED_Dangermouse I like to live dangerously, bugger off! what a classic. lol 2011-05-10
NielsC Verry good. 2011-01-17
mushyz no more losing 2+ hours of work! 2010-07-31
ajeeyunz really really handy tools! :D 2010-07-07
joshriddle577 I don\'t really get CTDs that much, but whn I do, it is good to have a reminder to save 2010-06-23
HOOK21 cool, can you make one that counts disasters such a tornado? 2010-06-10
dighole Now I never forget to save :D Great idea, thx :) 2010-06-03
ComputerGuy Best mod ever! Thanks! 2010-03-13
MayorToaster Will come in very handy, thank you. 2010-03-07
Tobillo Thanks man! It\'s hard to remember saving when you are absort planning cities :D Is there a way to make it in other languages? 2010-03-07
mgaby **would (sorry) 2010-02-09
mgaby hey y don\'t you put warn me again in 5min and 10min too?? its wold be usefull for me. thanks 2010-02-09
mgaby i hate when the game crash and i loose all my data. its realy annoying. i hope this tool will help me =) 2010-02-08
fradders best thing i have downloaded 2010-01-27
Tenzwood OH EM GEE!!! AWSUM!!! 2010-01-08
Triden007 Nice! I really need this, how do I install it? 2009-11-17
Rodrigorigozilly Right on dude!!! This thing is freaking awsome! ; ) 2009-11-08
Cyclone1001 This is the single most valuable thing I have ever downloaded for SC4. 2009-09-07
darn42 Greatest thing EVER! 2009-08-08
westamastaflash THANK YOU 2009-08-03
corey great when your game close automaticly ever hour- half hour 2009-07-23
Wiseman This is a very basic need of every players! Thank you very much! 2009-07-12
Kyoshize That\'s it, you know what to do to get someone\'s heart ;) 2009-06-24
Kyoshize That\'s it, you what to do to get someone\'s heart ;) 2009-06-24
diamon I wish I\'d had this about 1 hour ago when I had a CTD after several hours of dev without a save. 2009-03-05
pablo1991 It\'s really useful.. thanks daeley 2009-02-25
simarkitekt1 This makes everything else worth that much more... time 2008-11-24
wwjd thats great 2008-11-23
meyvyn Very handy. Thanks a lot. 2008-11-15
cggg a must have!! 2008-09-21
superhelios this could really save me from my frustrations on the game crashing and not being able to save. thanks, :) 2008-05-30
superhelios this could really save me from my frustrations on the game crashing and not being able to save. thanks, :) 2008-05-30
deion30311 Wow, this also great when you need to take breaks. SC4 is a very addictive game. In fact one of the most addictive games of all time. One time I played for about 22 hours straight. Whew. I didn\'t know. I need a pop-up telling me to get the heck off. It\'s so fun, the thing about it is that it\'s your choice, your place, and you tell them what to do. 2008-05-25
Joetropian1 This is great! Thank you! 2008-05-25
ulfdrake This probably is a good tool for those who hasnt learned the hard way to save all the time! My game\'s crashing pretty often!! :P 2008-03-06
Anotherjapanesvideogame awesome! this is handy since i crash so much! 2007-11-09
matty420 Brilliant, thank you, you have no idea how much i appreciate this, i have a terrible memory. 2007-08-25
BradMacD THANK YOU!!! :D 2007-08-11
wuyiman Oh... I have download thousand and thousand Mod, BAT and Lots, I notice this is the BEST Mod or BEST item I knew ever 100/10, My 1st Comment !! you won ^^ 2007-06-26
Artman94 wow this is a smart modd 2007-06-01
shasta This is actually a pretty interesting idea. 10/10 2007-05-29
patfirefghtr ty ty ty 2007-05-23
bribri Great tool! I hate being bugged by it, that means it\'s effective. All I know is I lose track of time VERY easily in this game and this makes me realize how much time has really passed. 2007-04-04
TheTeaCat This has been so handy oh so handy thank you 2007-04-01
bri3d This is great...I could have used this about a week ago...aarrrgh 2007-03-26
inquisitor Cool. This will come in handy. 2007-03-15
Charlotte Yes, I saw this the other day, but didn\'t think that I needed it. Then right now, some unexpected error occured, the game closed, & I lost 3 hours of work. I was caught up in the game, not realising how much time had passed by, & I lost data on some important & extensive zoning & park creation. Anyways, a must have for everyone! 2007-03-03
Silur Real useful tool - thanks ... 2007-02-16
joncassino This is great! Could it be pushed one step further and automatically save the game? But its excellent as is! 2007-01-27
Swamper77 Colyn, it should work while the game is paused. I\'ve had popups when the game is paused before, mainly Daeley\'s Region Tracker script. 2007-01-17
dioangel this is what I need... lol real nice! :-) 2007-01-16
Daeley good question Colyn... it continues to count while the game is saved, but I do not know if the game allows popups while paused... will have to check that. 2007-01-16
jeronij The most valuable 25kb I have seen lately ;-) Thanks for sharing !!! 2007-01-16
Colyn This is a really handy tool ... especially for those that spend long periods of time Terraforming ... that is usually when I loose track of time ... Does it work when the game is paused ? 2007-01-16