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In their annual report, the local police administration suggested improving the donut supply for their cops. A team was founded to develop a project, and finally they handed over their plans for the construction. Unfortunately, the documents were partially destroyed by a nasty virus. From the remaining data that could be recovered, a donutor was designed, and the associated Donutor Inc. was established. Completely diverging from the former project, the Donutor produces high-density energy cells in torus-form. Actually, donuts are a form of energy supply, too, aren't they?

Dependencies (see readme file for links):

- SFBT Essentials


bluedragyn1 lol i love the discription 2012-06-16
simprauz It\'s a Donutamak 2011-01-03
Triden007 Creative! Very nice! 2009-11-17
Sotireus Hehe nice one! 2009-03-30
Artman94 this is creative---i like it! 2007-07-02