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Creator: Mas71 Upload Date: 2007-04-06
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- Space Battle Ship YAMATO -

There are two lots included
in this pack:

1.YAMATO Voyaged --- Plop on the
Sea (1x1 $240,000)

--- Plop on the Land (1x1 $240,000)
YAMATO flying at altitude of 300 meters air.

Both are landmark lots, and do produce a monthly income =25
(This way, in 800 years you will recover the
initial costs ;) )

The nightlightning has been fixed for both lots.
Some ingame additional description has been added.

Thank you!!


These lots do need the
following files to work properly:

MAS71 Props
Pack Vol01


It's my first post Original
BAT. (2nd BAT works)
This YAMATO from Japanese old TV-Animation
drown Mr.LEIJI MATSUMOTO and keep loved many
Japanese since 1973.

Enjoy and love to this
YAMATO please.
Thank you!!


Please look Full Image of this YAMATO!!

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549355330 2012-02-12
tarmiji thanks 2011-11-10
Galacticruler if only someone could make a user-expantion pack that had space war/building,this would fit in it well. 2010-10-11
joltmeister very nice but not for me, because it doesn\'t really fit in with any theme.. texture wise. imho. it is a very nice creation nonetheless 2009-12-23
jarhead2008 lol. yeah in ONLY 800 years. 2008-07-07
ganon2424 wow awesome man 2008-06-02
kimcar Great work thanks 2007-04-07
Mas71 Thank you \"my Master\" Jroni very much for your lot of works instead of me. I can be proud, and shine a little by my work\'s being published in here. Thank you BSC Teams good members too!! 2007-04-06
vester Very stooning. All out of words. Great work. 2007-04-06
Bobbo662 Beautifully done - thank you for sharing! 2007-04-06