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Creator: jestarr Upload Date: 2007-03-01
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This is a set of three lots; a 6 wire power transmission line and tower, a 3x3 power sub-station, and a 2x1 power sub-station with a tower. All provide power, as they are actually power plants, and can be found under the Utility menu, in the Power section.

Notice: To ensure that the lines connect properly, the ground under all the power line lots, must be flat, and at the same height.


BSC Mega Props - JES Vol01
BSC Textures Vol01


Disasterjunkie that brings out the realism in the game. 2014-07-08
Zakmartin1 I\'ve installed all dependencies but it still<br /> Shows a brown box! FUCK!!!! 2014-03-11
Zakmartin1 When I plop one its a brown box please fix this<br /> 2014-01-10
Zakmartin1 I want more pylons :D<br /> 2014-01-10
Zakmartin1 I\'ve got all the pylons from simtropolis but I have found some 2014-01-10
Zakmartin1 I love pylons thank you very much! 2014-01-10
Arwyn very nice. 2012-11-02
xonedl No corner piece? o.O 2012-02-28
FerC A sub-station, a very good idea, thaks! 2012-02-09
tarmiji thanks 2011-11-10
magicman580 Thanks, But I Don\'t Know! It Shows A Box!?!?!?! 2010-03-27
olegario39 this is one of the things ive been looking for so long! thank you 2009-09-06
tommie022481 Great! Thatnk a bunch! 2009-04-28
aschampoo thank you 2009-03-13
s104380031 BSC Mega Props - JES Vol01 BSC Texture Mega Pack - Vol01 2008-12-05
Lilojame Thank you very much! 2008-10-30
highwayman145 It is more realistic than those pylons Maxis gave us . . . 2007-03-19
Hydra Great work these will give ya cities a more real looks to it. 2007-03-04
debussyman Excellent addition for our power infastructure. Thank you. 2007-03-03
c.p. Very nice. I like it. Thanks. 2007-03-03
metalsludge Sweet 2007-03-03
Badsim I use them since a long , never rate , never thank you for that ; it\'s time to ... 2007-03-02
derek hmm that lot that is in the main screenshot looks like a copy of my GLP substation great work inproving on my design , two thumbs up 2007-03-02
High5Tower Another very nice addition. This gives that extra detail to the electrical power grid. I am going to restrain myself and just take this one item. thank you 2007-03-01