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The lots are a recreation of the Frank Lloyd Wright Larkin Administration Building from Buffalo New York. The original building was built in 1906 and destroyed in 1950.

The building was quite innovative in many ways. It featured an atrium, or nave, in the centre of the building that stretched up the height of the building letting natural light flood in. The windows of the work areas were placed above eye height, so the employees would look up to the sky rather than out to neighbouring buildings. Rather than placing the executives on the top floor, they were on the ground floor where they could be observed by the employees. There was a rooftop garden open to employees, with a staff cafeteria on the floor immediately below that. The building was one of the first to feature air conditioning, with the massive pillars on the corner of the building acting as air intake columns (as well as stairwells) and air could be pumped out of the building at different places depending on the time of the year.

There are three lots in this pack; a reward plopable, and two growables. Specs are below.


11 Jan 2018 - Updated Dependency Tracker to list the actual dependencies, instead of the DEDWD Master Dependency List itself (which is no longer needed for this file).

All dependencies for all Deadwoods' lots, including this one, can be found in the DEDWD Master Dependency List found on the BSC LEX. This list includes a BSC Cleanitol TM file that will scan your hardrive for the required files.

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archkorn Thank you ! 2011-12-08
sejr99999 thank you sad how politicians are allowed to destroy so much excellent example of Wright\'s work 2010-12-08
salveesalad I\'m from the Buffalo NY area and am saddened this building was demolished. This is fanatastic work! 2010-08-03
Oak Fine job on this! I used to live in Buffalo, and it surprises me sometimes when I come across a landmark building from that city for SC4. Thanks for making it! 2010-02-16
oldrogue This is the first time I\'ve downloaded this..a fine looking building and will fit in nicelly....thank you so much 2007-02-21
mattb325 I always enjoy earning this reward. Cheers 2007-02-21