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Creator: deadwoods Upload Date: 2007-02-20
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This lot was a request from darmok on SimTropolis. It is basically the same as the other Windmill, except that it produces power rather than water. So you can use both in your rural areas. Visually the model is slightly different with rusty vanes and an old diesel generator trailer at the base (backup if the wind's not working).

I haven't included a new prop for the model; the one in the other Windmill lot is basically the same as this (the other had two props, this one and the water one).

These lots are BSC Tracking Enabled (BTE) which means they may contribute to Reward Chains.


11 January 2018 - Dependency Tracker support added.  DEDWD Master Dependency List information was imported, and the list itself is no longer a necessary download.

All dependencies for all Deadwoods' lots, including this one, can be found in the DEDWD Master Dependency List found on the BSC LEX. This list includes a BSC Cleanitol TM file that will scan your hardrive for the required files.

Ignore the dependencies in the readme.


sejr99999 thank you I really like the rustic look of this 2017-05-13
stormlover They look great and work fine...until you bulldoze them. Then the real problems start (see my post in the water windmills.) 2011-03-22
Lilojame Thank you very much! 2008-10-30
couchpotato Great addition for my farming areas. Thanks 2007-10-25
EaseaCold Aussie Aussie Aussie! Thanks m8 ;) 2007-09-01