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Creator: deadwoods Upload Date: 2007-02-20
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This is a simple water-producing windmill as found in many rural areas of Australia (and around the world). It is modded to support a small community. It produces 2400 Gallons/month at a monthly cost of 50.

There are actually two models provided in the set, but only one is used in the lot. However both are provided as props. They are:

  • DEDWD_AussieWindmill_prop - the windmill you see in the picture
  • DEDWD_AussieWindmillRusry_prop - the same one with rusty old blades and a different pump house

You are welcome to use these props on lots, but you must refer back to this upload for the models, not redistribute them with your lot.

These lots are BSC Tracking Enabled (BTE) which means they may contribute to Reward Chains.


11 January 2018 - Dependency Tracker support added. DEDWD Master Dependency List information was imported, and the list itself is no longer a necessary download.

All dependencies for all Deadwoods' lots, including this one, can be found in the DEDWD Master Dependency List found on the BSC LEX. This list includes a BSC Cleanitol TM file that will scan your hardrive for the required files.

Ignore the dependencies in the readme.


stormlover My comments are for the POWER WINDMILLS (sorry I posted in the wrong box here.) I have no experience with these water units. 2011-03-22
stormlover I used these to start a few small towns but when I bulldoze them - ugh - my other power units go haywire (changing their output at will.) Ultimately, I have to destroy my whole town to solve the problem. 2011-03-22
oka02 the dependency list is not very convenient, I\'m sorry. But this is a nice windmill though! 2009-12-15
fleetlordavtar thanks for adding flavor from down under mate. 2009-09-16
Lilojame Thank you very much! 2008-10-30
NinjaRobotPirate Perfect for Mad Max. 2008-05-16
adroman Thank-You, One happy Aussie! 2007-10-01
canadacactus A definite flash from the past! 2007-09-18
EDGE4194 perfect for rural and farming areas. 2007-06-16