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Creator: deadwoods Upload Date: 2007-02-20
Last Update: 2011-03-03 File Type: Plop
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This pack contains a set of six bus stops that sit on a road/street/avanue tile and don't require extra space beside the road. This is very useful for busy downtown areas or areas where you've forgotten to put in bus stops but don't want to bulldoze.

There are two sets of lots, each one with one street lot, one road lot and one avenue lot. Set1 is a more run-down looking busstop, based on the prefab pebblemix concrete ones found in many Australian cities. Set2 are more upmarket with transparent glass. They also use a texture with a pull-off area so the busses can pull off the road (as found in many places).

All are found together in the miscellaneous transport menu.

The pack comes with two sets of textures for the pullouts. One uses the Maxis road textures and one uses the Euro road textures. Both will be installed when you run the installer. So you should go to the install directory (/SimCity 4/Plugins/deadwoods/DEDWD_RTBusStop) and remove one of the following (the one you don't want):

  • DEDWD_RTBusStop_Euro_textures.dat, or
  • DEDWD_RTBusStop_Maxis_textures.dat

The specs on these lots are based on Cogeo's road top lots.

These lots are BSC Tracking Enabled (BTE) which means they may contribute to Reward Chains.


11 January 2018 - Dependency Tracker support added.  DEDWD Master Dependency List information was imported, and the list itself is no longer a necessary download.

All dependencies for all Deadwoods' lots, including this one, can be found in the DEDWD Master Dependency List found on the BSC LEX. This list includes a BSC Cleanitol TM file that will scan your hardrive for the required files.

Ignore the dependencies in the readme.


TimodeJ Wow an update after all these years. Thanks! 2018-04-20
bluedragyn1 Thank you very much these will be great in my cities. 2013-10-12
yumayo884 thank you very much 2012-09-03
Sherlockindo Great work! 2011-07-08
craigibhoy love the bus stops rather realisting and look way better than the maxis ones 2011-05-23
deadwoods FYI, just updated this for increased capacity. 2011-03-03
TabbyCatBlvd AWESOME-Keep up the good work. THANKYOU 2010-12-02
Mawgojzeta Have been using these for quite some time now. Love them! 2009-08-04
juckky very good thankyou 2009-05-27
Erkun Wow very nice idea. Thank you for this! 2008-12-04
exi123 Awesome work! 2007-11-28
Ackbar16 Excellent 2007-07-30
Elektra This is great, thanks. Agree with mattb325, absolute essential in my cities too. 2007-04-08
mattb325 This is an absolute essential in my cities. Thankyou 2007-02-21
Finch I love it! 2007-02-20