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Creator: deadwoods Upload Date: 2007-02-20
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Like many of the BSC members, I've been going through my old prop packs and consolidating them into a single big .dat file. Our testing with the Miramba experiment has shown that game startup time is related to the size and depth of the plugins folder. So we're reducing the number of files the game has to load on startup.

This prop pack contains a single 9.5M .dat file that replaces eleven previously published prop file, plus includes another one that I haven't published. The replaced downloads/files are shown in the following table. I have only consolidated prop packs that contain props that others have used (or are likely to use in the future). If the props are very specific to a lot (such as my Aussie retail buildings) I have not included them.

Original download Files replaced Notes
DEDWD Factory Unit Props DEDWD_FactoryUnit_props.dat
DEDWD IHT Buildings as Props DEDWD_IHT_Pharmaceuticals_props.dat Note 1.
DEDWD School Set Props DEDWD_SchoolSet_props.dat Note 2.
BSC Bicycle Prop Pack BSC_DAE_Bicycle_props.dat
DEDWD Mega Prop Pack DEDWD_Props_Vol01.dat Note 3.
BSC DAE Forest Lot Prop Pack BSC_DAE_ForestLot_props
BSC DAE Train Prop Pack Vol01 BSC_DAE_TrainProps_Vol01.dat
BSC BRF Train Prop Pack BSC_BRF_TrainProps.dat
BSC Railyard Props Vol1 BSC_Railyard_props_Vol1.dat


  1. You still need the original DEDWD IHT Pharmaceuticals download for the models to go with these props.
  2. This file is in the {mydocs}\SimCity 4\Plugins\deadwoods\DEDWD_SchoolSet folder.
  3. Ignore the name, this DEDWD MEGA Prop Pack is a new file and includes the old one.

As this pack is replacing the files listed above, you must remove them before/after installing this pack.

There are only props in this download. There are no lots.

You are welcome to use these props in your own lots, but you cannot re-distribute the files found here. You must refer/link to them on the STEX.


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Disasterjunkie I'm new at simcity4. I'm downloading this bc It is required for some buildings from the simotropolis website that I liked. Thank you for all of your hard work. Maybe in the future, when I get a better idea of all these mods; I can contribute as well. Once again, tk 4 all your hard work. 2020-01-26
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maximusmaximillion dedwd - luv ur stuff 2015-10-12
bitsaul @joshua43214 How are the two files different? I have downloaded both and they are identical as far as I can tell. I am trying to build by plugins folder for DEDWD stuff currently and don\'t have Cleanitol so I need to make sure this is not redundant. 2014-08-25
Tarkus Disasterjunkie: CAM has no dependencies. The old starter packs do, but they\'re not required to use the CAM. 2014-07-09
Disasterjunkie Damn Cam has lots of dependencies...<br /> <br /> lets start with the farms ones. 2014-07-07
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itfitzme Not clear Is there another DL that would contain the original file? If so, where is it? If not, why make a notation? As I never DLed or installed any original file/props, these don\'t exist in my directory. \" 1. You still need the original DEDWD IHT Pharmaceuticals download for the models to go with these props. 2. This file is in the {mydocs}\\SimCity 4\\Plugins\\deadwoods\\DEDWD_SchoolSet folder. 3. Ignore the name, this DEDWD MEGA Prop Pack is a new file and includes the old one. \" 2010-07-02
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