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Creator: deadwoods Upload Date: 2007-02-17
Last Update: Never File Type: Plop
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Some time ago Simgoober created a set of park lot pieces that were designed to go together. Some lots had path (trail) pieces, others had parks of different sizes and features designed to work with the paths.

Ive been using these parks for some time but could seem some areas of improvement, such as:

  • Some filler lots for those spaces between the trails and feature lots,
  • Some wide paths for more formal pedestrian avenues, and
  • A way to make the base texture (the paving for the paths) a but more flexible/selectable.

This pack is the result. It features almost thirty lots consisting of narrow paths, wide paths, filler lots and feature parks. All lots use a new custom texture. You can use the default (red diamon pavers) texture or use the BSC Park Texture Pack (separate download) and choose the texture you want for all parks in your region.

I have not changed the settings of these parks; they are as SG set them back in 04. You will need to delete the old parks (see Installation Instructions) before/after installing this set, but you do not need to bulldoze/re-plop the lots.


tailwizzard looks great, but even with all dependencies downloaded a brown box pops-up every now and than in the limestand tile "limes ready for margarita's". anyone got a fix for that? 2020-03-25
Mawgojzeta Just back playing and so enjoyed these. Thank you for keeping them up! 2020-02-05
adsii1970 After nearly a seven year break from SC4, I am back. Thanks for maintaining this pack. 2018-02-21
Disasterjunkie very nice, thank you for this great site. 2014-07-07
chris939 On Mac rotate pieces with fun and the direction keys<br /> 2014-07-06
cga2388 do you know how to rotate the pieces with a mac keyboard? I\'m on mac, windows operating system (bootcamp) with the standard mac keyboard. I cant rotate the pieces! 2014-07-05
区长 2014-01-18
thonel I am having same problem as philzor. Does anybody have a solution? 2013-07-01
IDRUNA so thanks 2013-06-16
simcitybar 2012-12-01
TonyNobo thanks, they are beautifully made!! 2012-10-31
123deoliveira4 amazing 2012-10-05
apesfiu thanks 2012-02-08
prince_amy nice work guys 2012-01-31
dikki Thanks 2012-01-13
Zeta. Planteu yerba que el mon s\'acavaaa 2012-01-06
Xeru The links should point towards LEX instead of STEX. 2011-12-25
tarmiji thanks 2011-12-09
Ioseph Thanks, It looks great. 2011-08-04
bombcar http://sc4devotion.com/forums2/index.php?topic=12475.0 2011-07-06
pigeonpie dependencie issues :( 2010-07-15
PatriX I have same problem.. Flower beds shows up as empty grass lot, and props are missing from several other lots as well.. The dependancy links are outdated, does someone know which dependencies exist today? 2010-06-24
Valor Links to ALL the dependencies point to Simtropolis and ALL are broken. 2010-05-09
JaqXx81 I love them parks they add so much liveliness to my cities. Thank you Simgoober, and thank you Deadwoods for the update. 2010-03-25
A4/20/9911 When I plop these lots on my city, it only has one texture, the red one and also, when I put the flower bed, nothing shows up but grass. Other than that, it is AWESOME!!!!! 2010-01-18
plai thanks 2010-01-06
Dr.Desastro Great job! 2009-12-15
exupheros Thanks!!! 2009-09-09
lonvi like this. thanks 2009-07-13
Alex_Luthor Great. Thank you a lot. 2009-04-18
philzor the wide paths don\'t seem to work correctly with the listed dependencies--anyone else experiencing this? for the gazebo end i think you need bldgprop_vol1.dat & bldgprop_vol2.dat 2009-03-20
frobozzdamad Am I missing something? I get everything but the Gazebo end. The dependencies listed are a bit outdated, but if I read it correctly and cross reference to the packs they were merged to, I should need: BSC Essentials BSC Textures MEGA Pack BSC MEGA Props SG Vol 01 BSC Mega Props DAE Vol 01 BSC MEGA Props MJB Vol 01 BSC MEGA Props Misc Vol01 Is this correct? Otherwise, beautiful set! 2009-03-09
mafukw Thanks 2009-02-13
canis39 yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo this is cool. 2009-01-16
Deviant08 very wonderful A+ 2009-01-06
HelloCity Great,so beautiful 2008-12-01
pltn12 it will be better to have both parks 2008-11-25
nataus It looks very nice. Just the thing I\'ve been looking for. thanks 2008-01-31
ragjfz thanks for your job 2007-11-18
wblake50 These park lots are about my most favorite thing ever. I only wish they were pedestrian enabled (and that sc4 allowed res to build on a ped-only connection). There\'s nothing I\'d love more than to build pedestrian-only residential neighborhoods centered on these great lots. 2007-11-15
thsatticus216 I love these parks - thanks! 2007-08-11
jacqulina wonderfull work 2007-02-18