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Creator: Daeley Upload Date: 2007-02-16
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Daeley presents:

-the BSC Regional Tracking Mod-


The BSC Regional tracking mod is a mod designed to store specific data from your cities and make them available for the entire region to enhance regional play.
Whenever you enter a city, you will receive a popup message asking you to track the city. With the data tracked by the mod, you can also have a look at a detailed regional population report and, for the farming lovers out there, you can look at the number of BTE fields in your region.
Several releases from the BSC also use this data to enhance queries or reward requirements, as such there's a few rewards wich cannot be attained without this nod.

a word of caution:

The regional tracking mod saves data dependant on the *NAME OF THE CITY. This means there are three limitations you should keep in mind during gameplay:

1. Deleting or renaming a city confuses this mod. I advise against renaming, but if you want to delete a city, it's best to just start a new city with the same name. If you wish to just create a test city you plan on quickly deleting, you always choose *NOT TO TRACK THE CITY.
2. Similarly, two cities with the same name in the same region (different region is ok) will result in only the data from the last one visited being saved.
3. You should not use " caracters in the name of your cities.

Note that cities are not tracked by default. This means when applying this mod to an old region, you need to visit each untracked city and track it, much like when you use a watermod to change the color of the water.

general note to users of this mod: the data is stored in two files "BSCfields.dat" and "popfile.dat" in the simcity Apps folder. If for some reason you want to reset tracking, it suffices to delete either (these files are auto-generated).


KScheid I've reinstalled this mod and it's no working for me. I bought the game from GOG Games, the version is 1.1.641.0. Please, can someone help me? Thanks in advance. 2017-10-30
heman123 Awesome mod 2013-06-30
Darkphoenix52 Btw, this mod works perfectly with a custom shortcut as long as you change the path in the \"Start in\" field at the properties tab: Just use the default \"c:\\<installation path>\\SIMCIT~1\\\" (copied from the original link) instead of the one Windows creates when you set up the custom shortcut (usually something along \"C:\\<installation path>\\Simcity4\\Apps\"). Even the Praiodan Bank Building works just fine, have been successfully able to donate money. 2013-04-18
APSMS Question: What is the name of the actual .dat file that the installer puts in the plugins folder. I understand it auto-generates the BSCfields.dat and popfile.dat, but since these are auto-generated and easily deleted, I assume that these aren\'t the source files for the mod. Is there a .zip available we can download? 2012-09-25
AngryBirdsFan436 Oops, sorry, it\'s actually an installer! Bad mistake! 2012-07-12
AngryBirdsFan436 @bryan1998 that\'s NOT the place to install the mods. It should be C:\\Documents and Settings\\[username]\\My Documents\\SimCity 4\\Plugins 2012-07-12
SamusLife@yahoo.com Thank you! :) 2011-12-01
bryan1998 This mod is not working! I looked in C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Maxis\\SimCity 4 Deluxe\\Apps. There is no BSCfields.dat or popfile.dat. Please, HELP, HELP, HELP! 2011-06-08
mido1960 The mod seems to work fine since the count seems to be correct but I cannot find the BSCfields.dat and popfile.dat file anywhere on my PC. Any ideas? 2011-04-26
mido1960 The mod seems to work fine since the count seems to be correct but I cannot find the BSCfields.dat and popfile.dat file anywhere on my PC. Any ideas? 2011-04-26
lotherius If this causes your game to freeze, delete the BSCfields.dat and popfile.dat files to regenerate tracking data. 2010-09-05
HOOK21 this item is causing my game to freeze, is this normal? 2010-06-17
Webnut Dont forget, custom shortcuts make this mod barf. You have to use a copy of the shortcut created when you installed SC4. How could you forget Daeley?? 2010-06-17
plai thanks 2010-02-15
jack_wilds I\'m having the same issues as Citybuilder and it is not auto-generating the *.dat files. The file is in the plugins folder... it doesn\'t seem to be functioning at all. any suggestions? note the city names have not been changed to confuse it either... 2008-09-20
City Builder For some reason the popup never appears anymore in any of the cities that I create. It worked a while back, but now with a fresh install of Simcity 4 deluxe version and this mod is in the Plugins folder, the popup never appears to indicate tracking the city. Any clues? 2008-08-22
godzilight very beautiful table but how to translate it into French? 2008-04-01
Moik Nice Tool comes in very handy :) 2008-03-10
FrankvU City builder, why not just use an extra number for your citytiles? It\'s alway useful to discern all your citytiles. I\'ll play with the mod right this week. 2008-03-05
City Builder This would be a great mod if it didn\'t have the limitation of requiring independant city names. In one of my regions it\'s one valley and is trying to be like real life so many of the regions have the same name to all be a part of the 5 different real life cities in this one region of the real world. Anyway, would be great if they were able to program to remove this limitation. 2008-01-13
blackbeard Make this number 7.Sorry but Vista hates this MOD. 2007-09-24
michl sc4 Very nice and verx useful, I think 2007-09-11
blackbeard Sorry to download this so much.Trying to get Vista to accept. 2007-07-26