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Creator: art128 Upload Date: 2020-10-07
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La Bruyere Sainte Isabelle is a private Catholic primary and middle school located in the 14th arrondissement of Paris.

The building was recreated with some artistic liberty, based on how the school was when I was enrolled there for 9 years. Since then they've made some modification I decided not to include.

In game it acts as a school. (Not a private school) the lot is 11x7 tiles.

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Tails2489 This looks like Ottawa's City Hall, will fit great in my city. Thanks Art! 2020-10-21
evarburg Excellent building ! A different, moremodern approach to schools (the size :-) ) 2020-10-13
AsimPika3172 Awesome! 2020-10-11
scoty Very nice this building and its courtyard! 2020-10-09
miharukk Thank you for the great files. 2020-10-07
sejr99999 thank you looks really beautiful happy to see new content from you 2020-10-07
mattb325 I love these big, campus-styled buildings. Thanks for sharing it (and it's awesome to see you batting again!) 2020-10-07
Tyberius06 Very nice building, Art! It will be a perfect addition for my cities! Thanks for making and sharing it! 2020-10-07