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Creator: Tyberius06 Upload Date: 2020-06-15
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RFY Elevated Rail Viaduct Set by pLynn

The RFY Rail Viaduct Series - based on DocRorlach's monorail models - contains seventeen lots for the NAM Elevated Rail System. These can be combined to cover the default NAM viaducts.

All lots are off-set, do not contain base or overlay textures, and only the railways station features jobs. The set is intended for the more grimy industrial/ghetto areas but could be used anywhere.

Optional: Players who want the uncovered NAM viaducts show the same dark brick (dirty brick) texture as our viaducts need to download the RUM for RRW (latest) by rivit and you need to choose to keep/use the F_Viaduct_Style_Dirty_Brick Option.

(Follow the proper install instructions of the RUM for RRW mod, but you need to keep the F_Viaduct_Style_Dirty_Brick_Model.dat and F_Viaduct_Style_Dirty_Brick_Rail.dat files).


To ensure the proper functionality, make sure the files mentioned below are installed in the plugins folder.

WMP/RFY Dependencies:

rfy_viaduct_props_v2.dat (INCLUDED)

WMP Mega Props vol. 02 - Misc Industrial Props

WMP Essentials v1.0 or above. It is ESSENTIAL you to have this if you want to avoid annoying BROWN BOXes.

External Dependencies:

  • SHK Parking Pack
  • Network Addon Mod (latest) - well without NAM you don't really have the elevated heavy rail option, so you need that one. Although, bear in mind, that these viaducts are only compatible with the L2 ERRW (dragable elevated rail viaducts) or the L2 (15.5m) Rail Viaduct Puzzle pieces. They are NOT compatible with the L1 (7.5m) ERRW.

Installation: Unzip the whole bundle, or COPY the "RFY" folder from the *.zip into your plugin folder. You don't need to keep the "_Documents" folder.

To uninstall, bulldoze any instance of this lot in your city, then remove the file(s) from your Plugins.

For further details, please read the provided readme AND IF you still have questions, ask @Tyberius06.


Original Creditings:

  • The original viaduct models were made by DocRorlach; thanks also goes to shkthrpy for his excellent cars. djp1 did the testing, as usual..

Additional Credits:

  • pLynn, the RFY and the WMP team and their associates for creating the models, props and the LOTset.
  • David (djp) for keeping the original site alive so many years, and letting us rehosting the files on the exchanges
  • Tyberius06 (STEX Custodian) and xxdita for the restoration/rehosting of these contents.


These RFY/pLynn creations are now legacy contents and therefore their support is very limited, however support from the wider community can be requested here on SC4 Devotion or in the STEX Custodian General Support Topic. Best include a screen-shot illustrating the problem.


Kevin Masters I think these work well for the other L2 elevated networks as well. 2020-06-29