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Abtei Rowing Club (ARC) by DocRorlach

The Abtei Rowing Club (ARC) is meant as a companion building for the Abtei Bruecke (separate download) and has been designed in the same style, using the same materials. Having jobs and street access, it can be found in the Landmark menu. The lot contains a Bar & Buffet terrace and an oar repair shed.

Accompaning the clubhouse are 19 ploppable water craft meant for ploppable water (they do not work with in-game water): several single and double racing sculls at different angles; inflatable rafts, an outboard motor boat, sailing dinghys, as well as some punts. Additionally, there are racing demarkation posts and a scull race finish line. The included pun dock was designed to work with Murimk's Rural Marinas (available on the STEX). To use these watercraft, plop the boats first, then "paint" the water around them. All items, except the clubhouse, can be found atop the Park Menu.

Thanks to Paeng's efforts, all boating items are also available as MMPs (Mayor Mode Ploppables).

As always, every item in this download has been rendered in HD.

Lot Details and Information can be found in the readme. Read it.


To ensure the proper functionality, make sure the files mentioned below are installed in the plugins folder.

WMP Dependencies:

wmp_rowing_props_v2.dat (INCLUDED)

WMP Mega Props vol. 01 - Misc General Props

WMP Essentials v1.0

WMP Mega Textures v1.02

External Dependencies:

BSC BATProps Mattb325 Vol02

Murimk - Props Vol01 - Bicycle Props

Paeng and Murimk - Pond Air

Installation: Unzip the whole bundle, or COPY the "WMP" folder from the *.zip into your plugin folder. You don't need to keep the "_Documents" folder.

To uninstall: bulldoze any instance of this lot in your city, then remove the file(s) from your Plugins.

For further details, please read the provided readme AND IF you still have questions, ask Tyberius06.


  • Original Creditings: Thanks to Tariel & Chris for their boat suggestions; everyone else at SimPeg for their ideas & suggestions; and - as always - to Dave for pointing out the flaws and required corrections.
    Special thanks goes to Paeng for creating the MMPs of all boating items. I would not have known where to begin. Credit for the Sim models goes to DOSH, whose people creations I messed around with. The pier sections used were made by Murimk, without who's help none of this would have been possible.

  • Additional Credits:

    • DocRorlach and the WMP team and his associates for creating the models, props and the original lots.
    • David (djp) for keeping the original site alive so many years, and letting us rehosting the files on the exchanges
    • Tyberius06 (STEX Custodian) and xxdita for the restoration/rehosting of these contents.


These WMP/DocRorlach creations are now legacy contents and therefore their support is very limited, however support from the wider community can be requested here on SC4 Devotion or in the STEX Custodian General Support Topic. Best include a screen-shot illustrating the problem.

(These very same lots can be/will be found on the STEX too, look for the WMP contents.)


Tyberius06 @Nightbird615 - these uploads are not mine. All the WMP creations were created by DocRorlach, who sadly passed away many years ago. Since the original hosting website is no longer running, we decided to re-release his creations on LEX. Sadly in his collection there is nothing like this any more. 2020-06-15
Nightbird615 May we get more beautiful mansions on the lake like this? Great work! 2020-06-13