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Creator: Tyberius06 Upload Date: 2020-06-03
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The Bridges of Shoreline County, batte(re)d & lotted by DocRorlach WorkingMan BATtery

A series of eye-candy only bridges for both rural and urban areas. All bridges, with the exception of the transit-enabled version of the Wooden Bridge (5x1), are 1x1 lots with the respective bridge off-set. The covered bridges and the standard wooden bridge are for heights up to 8m; the Hang Ten bridge can cover variable heights and even small rivers or bays. The Pont Tarielle and the transit-enabled Wooden Bridge have a clearing height of 5m which is sufficient for cars but not for trucks or buses. Covered bridges have a clearing height of 7.5m. All lots come with a transparent base, and should work well with ploppable water.

Lot Details and Information can be found in the readme. Read it.


To ensure the proper functionality, make sure the files mentioned below are installed in the plugins folder.

Rquired WMP Dependencies

Installation: Unzip the whole bundle, or COPY the "WMP" folder from the *.zip into your plugin folder. You don't need to keep the "_Documents" folder. To uninstall, bulldoze any instance of this lot in your city, then remove the file(s) from your Plugins.

For further details, please read the provided readme AND IF you still have questions, ask @Tyberius06.


  • Original Creditings: Thanks to everyone around the Pegasus site for their help with our first attempts at the BAT. Credit for the custom pathing of the wooden bridge goes to rivit, ever the expert.

    Additional Credits:
    • DocRorlach and the WMP team for creating the models, props and the original lots.

    • David (djp) for keeping the original site alive so many years, and letting us rehosting the files on the exchanges

    • Tyberius06 and xxdita for the restoration of these contents and re-creating the TE custom paths for the wooden bridge, since the original paths have got lost during the times.


These WMP/DocRorlach creations are now legacy contents and therefore their support is very limited, however support from the wider community can be requested here on SC4 Devotion or in the STEX Custodian General Support Topic. Best include a screen-shot illustrating the problem.

(These very same lots can be/will be found on the STEX too, look for the WMP contents.)


fortynine SimCity 4 has been a great escape during 2020 and I really appreciate that people like you are still making awesome content for this game. We really appreciate it, thank you! 2020-06-04
fritzfarlig like we back in the good old simcity days 2020-06-04
sejr99999 thank you to everyone involved in preserving and/or restoring all this beautiful content 2020-06-03