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Creator: girafe Upload Date: 2018-12-01
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This is a set of HD automatas for the passenger train.

It includes:

  • 5 passenger train engines, 1 replacement of the regular passenger engine (BB26000 orange) and 4 additional skins (BB 26000 en voyage, BB26000 grandest, BB26000 carmillon, BB26000 grey).

  • 3 passenger wagons, replacement and additional skins (1st class, 2nd class and 2nd class tagged)
All the engines and wagons are available as props only in Darknite version.

Special thanks to Anachron for the 3d models of the engine BB26000, VIP and BSC members.


fantozzi Wonderfull addition to automata. Thank you for sharing. 2019-12-16
Une_ame Nice as usual; Tx !! 2019-01-24
mattb325 Thankyou for sharing these. I've been after some new train props :-) 2018-12-01
Alan_Waters It is a pity that only the Darknight. ((( 2018-12-01