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Creator: mattb325 Upload Date: 2018-09-17
Last Update: Never File Type: Gameplay
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BAT Props Vol04, by Mattb325.


After I rebuilt my plugins from a HDD failure in 2012, I honestly thought I had already released these models. 

Turns out that wasn't the case. :ermm:

Anyway....I have had these in my plugins since 2011/2012 and they are really lovely re-renderings of my old work from Simtropolis, Simpeg & here on SC4 Devotion plus a couple of new ones. Many of those old files were lost during site updates & closures, and rather than just re-releasing the lots I re-did them all with better textures, up to date modding, building families, prop families, gorgeous new trees, new props, new night-lighting AND custom foundations. 

This pack is designed to supersede BSCBatProps_Mattb325_Vol01 AND ModernHousePack_Vol01, but all three can exist simultaneously (I won't be locking the old packs for the purposes of maintaining legacy for players who still just want the old files for whatever reason). I personally would recommend bulldozing the old stuff if you still have it, and then removing the two prop packs once you have replaced all the lots with new versions that I will be releasing very shortly to give you a huge new set of buildings, flora and props that are SLOPE-TOLERANT

This file contains over 80 previously unreleased models: buildings, props, flora and custom foundations. They are all in gmax, so will work in either Dark Nite or Maxis Nite set-ups.

To install, simply unzip the folder into your plugins: however for consistency, I would recommend placing it in the same Plugins\BSCProps folder structure that exists for all of my old bat prop packs.

Have fun.


Disasterjunkie Thank you for all your hard work. 2020-02-13
Cheff Thanks for releasing these now even after all this time, SC4 might be old but there's plenty that still play and mod. 2018-10-09
sejr99999 thank you I'm always pleased by your creations and now with updated and improved versions I can hardly wait to see the difference 2018-09-18