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Creator: jmak Upload Date: 2018-01-13
Last Update: 2018-01-17 File Type: Tools - Player
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In order to use this launcher, you will need to register for a PMR account at

Poppy Multiplayer Regions (PMR) is a new multiplayer solution for SimCity 4 that allows for save protection and adjacent tile editing. The PMR Launcher automatically synchronizes regions and launches SimCity 4 for you -- all you have to do is choose a region and log in.

To learn more about PMR, please see my post on the forums. There is also a Readme that is installed along with the launcher.

What's new in version 1.0.0:

This is the initial stable release of the PMR launcher. In this version the plugin synchronization system has been reworked from Release Candidate 4:

  • Implemented custom user plugins (such as NAM) To use your own plugins, simply move them from "SimCity 4\Plugins" to "SimCity 4\Plugins_PMR\Plugins"

  • The moved plugins will still work when you're playing SimCity 4 regularly, since the PMR plugins folder is located within the standard plugins folder

  • If you don't see the "_PMR" folder with your plugins, make sure to run the PMR Launcher once first.

  • Moved working path to within the standard plugins folder so that plugins can be shared between singleplayer mode and PMR

  • Included instructions in the first run message and Readme about this new system

What's new in Release Candidate 4:

  • Fixed a critical bug where the launcher would stop working after a certain period of time (#6)

  • Fixed a bug where saves would be incompletely pushes on some systems (#7)

  • Improved SC4 launch reliability

  • Added a server "check-in" at startup to inform users of updates and outages

What's new in Release Candidate 3:

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the launcher from recognizing custom SC4 executable locations

  • Fixed a bug that froze the launcher when SimCity 4 was not launched through Steam

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the launcher from loading new preferences

  • Fixed a UI bug on the listings screen that occurred whenever the region downloader failed

  • The launcher is now better at finding SC4 executables in nonstandard locations


AsimPika3172 Nice tools! Waiting for final update before enjoy Sim City 4 in multiplayer mode! 2018-01-26
ChiefZDN Nice app. This app should be appeared in the famous 3RR era. 2018-01-14