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Creator: MGB204 Upload Date: 2016-09-11
Last Update: Never File Type: Props
Views: 6561 Category: Mods - Mayor Mode
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Girafe made many tree models that either work only as props or only MMPs. As such, this pack of MMPs is designed to bolster your MMP menu with some trees that otherwise could only be used on lots.

Each of the 7 included MMPs include only single-tree props. Girafe's releases only cover these tree types with tree clusters.

Contained in the included zip are 3 files containing 7 MMPs as follows:

  • Maples (Seasonal)
      - Maples (v1)
      - Norway Maples
  • Misc (Seasonal)
      - Ash
      - Beech
      - Birch
      - Liden
  • Parasol Pines (Evergreen)
      - Parasol Pines

Before you think "I have these files", it should be noted, that the tree models for each of the listed dependencies is found in the "LE" dats from Girafe's packages. If you have not installed these exact files, you will get brown boxes.

Find these items in the same location as the original MMPs. They are marked "singles" and include a brighter blue icon to distinguish them more easily. Note that there are some trees which are duplicates of single trees included with the original MMPs. But in all, this adds over 30 new trees which were previously not MMP-able.


sejr99999 thank you great to have these trees anywhere I want them 2016-09-12
evarburg As I said elsewhere : much more useful than an upteenth megagiant CO$$$ tower. Thank you ! For me, it is those thoughtful smaller things that make playing SC4 such an enjoyable experience, when "painting" !:-))) 2016-09-11