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Creator: MGB204 Upload Date: 2016-09-06
Last Update: Never File Type: Diagonal
Views: 6597 Category: Residential - Highrise
Last Downloaded: 2021-02-24 Downloads: 410


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This package contains four lots, three growable residential lots and one filler ploppable designed to create a single-complex. Utilising a FA Residential Tower block, I've tried to lot them into an appealing off-grid complex.

4 Lots are included:

  • Stage 7 High Density R$ 3x6  
  • Stage 7 High Density R$ 3x7
  • Stage 7 High Density R$ 3x8
  • Plop Filler (Neutral) 3x2


These lots include Girafe's Seasonal Flora and SHK's Parking set. For full dependencies listing, see the dependency tracker / included readme.


  • For "VIP vnaoned Post office building", only the file Grfe_hedge_3m.dat from this package is required.
  • For "NDEX ITS Portsmouth Tower Block Set 1", Only the file  NDEX_ITS_Portsmouth_Tower_Block_Set_1-0x5ad0e817_0x561ef788_0x30000.SC4Model is required.
  • KOSC SP Modular Parking - Base Set is an optional dependency. Whilst these lots are not strictly required, they are useful for finishing off the car park at the rear of the complex.

Each lot has around 1,600 R$ Residents (per building) and stats generated using PIM-X. For full details see the included readme file.

Ensure you keep the file MGB_ITS_NickelbyHouse_Resource.dat or these lots will not function correctly. But you can discard any of the lots you may not wish to use.


MGB204 More FAR: Maybe, I certainly would like too. If anyone has existing buildings that would work. There is another tower by Ill Tonkso that is rendered offset. But it's not FAR-3, the angle doesn't really line up so well as these. But that's just a matter of some custom textures to resolve. I would like myself to make some Diag/FAR models. Breaking the grid with transport networks isn't much use if you end up with buildings all at right angles. Glad you've all the dependencies. Some may look with horror at dep count for this, but there is nothing here that any serious player shouldn't already have. 2016-09-10
evarburg Oh, FAR, , that's far out, ahem, (Are you going to grace us with more FARs ? please, pleeeze, do !) And a neutral Plop too ? Thanks for being so thoughtful, MGB [BTW : When do you know you're played SC4 for a looong time ? When you look at a list of deps and see you have them ALL !:-))))] 2016-09-07