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Creator: MGB204 Upload Date: 2016-08-22
Last Update: 2016-10-19 File Type: Plop
Views: 7530 Category: Transport - Rail
Last Downloaded: 2021-01-13 Downloads: 1169


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This package contains models and two lots to allow you to switch from Rail (RRW Style) to an underground subway network.

Included files

  • MGB_RRW_DTR to Subway Ramp_453bcaf5.SC4Lot
    Lot file for DTR Rail to Subway converter.
  • MGB_RRW_STR to Subway Ramp_1fc6cdcf.SC4Lot ** NEW **
    Lot file for STR Rail to Subway converter.  
  • RRW Ramp_Resource.dat
    Required Models and Props.
  • RRW Ramp Paths_RHD.dat
    Path files for RHD users. Most users should install this file.
    RHD is for sims driving on the right side of the road.
  • zRRW Ramp Paths_LHD.dat
    Alternate path files for LHD users. DO NOT install this file unless you are using a LHD setup for SC4/NAM.
    LHD is for sims driving upon the left side of the road.


Simply extract the files in the included .zip archive and place those you need somewhere in your Plugins folder. If you use my other mods, you could place these in the root of the z____MGB Mods folder, but it's not specifically required.

Please ensure previous versions are removed completely before installing. It should be noted that I have amended all the original files, which should be considered as obsolete.


When you want to switch the rail network to subway, find a suitable space (5x1) for the ramps and place either the STR (Single Track Rail) or DTR (Dual Track Rail) variant as required. You will find these lots in the Misc. Transit menu, just after the bus stops usually. Make sure you draw rail through the lot completely to activate the paths on the ramp. Then switch to the subway tool (Shift + T), to continue the network from the ramp with subway. You can either switch to subway from here on out, otherwise you can build a second ramp for the rail to continue.


As with all such lots, when you switch to subway only passenger traffic can continue through the subway. So either find another route for your freight traffic or perhaps consider using the dedicated URail pieces that come with the NAM.

Due to the nature of LODs, i.e. you cannot make them below ground, the rail automata must "collide" with the LODs when entering the ramp. However, upon testing I found I preferred for the trains to enter into the ramp, despite the glitch, as opposed to disappearing at the beginning of the lot. The point being, this is not a bug.

Details / Stats

Cost to Plop:     2,144
Monthly Cost:    20
Bulldoze Cost:   309
Capacity:          66,000

Otherwise the lots are neutral, causing no pollution, requiring no power/road access and providing no jobs.


Having problems or Got comments? Then please visit my support/development thread on SC4D, MGB's Mods and other stuff.


MGB204 @Von F. I don't think I have, they will be part of an update to my SEN mod eventually, which will be re-named SWN (Sidewalk NAM). Happy to pass them on in the meantime if you send me a PM. SWN is taking longer than I hoped to get ready for distribution. 2016-08-26
evarburg Mwhaha, one MGB creation for my Transport Rail folder ! Thanks !<br /> 2016-08-24
Von F. Well done, many thanks for sharing! While on the subject of ramps, have you ever released those GLR with a sandstone reskin? I could swear I saw them in your dev thread... CHeers 2016-08-23
SimNation Nice ramp addition to the game thanks. 2016-08-22