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Creator: MGB204 Upload Date: 2016-07-21
Last Update: Never File Type: Water
Views: 6769 Category: Transport - Water
Last Downloaded: 2021-01-10 Downloads: 693


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First off, I'd like to give a huge thank you to both SimGoober and MattB325. All the resources needed to create these pieces were provided by them.

Included in this download are only two new lots, adding sharp 130° angled canal pieces for SG's original canal set. Find these lots with the other canal pieces in the parks menu.

Whilst there are no dependencies required to use these lots. They won't be a lot of use without both SG's Base Set of Canals in addition to the Diagonal Addons made by MattB325. Since both sets are necessary to connect to these additional ones. I've included those two sets in the dependency tracker, to help new users find them more easily.

That's really all there is to say here. Hopefully these lots will be a useful addition to your canal networks.


SimNation Omg nice! Though I most make American styled cities, there are many places with canals , they just go unnoticed by most people since they are more as runoff areas that feed into the ocean. 2016-07-31
evarburg Well, I apparently said it twice for the other lot:-) but it bears repeating : VERY useful, thanks ! 2016-07-22
sejr99999 thank you now I will revisit these great canals and have some fun 2016-07-21
Alan_Waters Very cool! 2016-07-21