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Creator: MGB204 Upload Date: 2016-01-30
Last Update: Never File Type: Textures
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MGB presents... Cataylst's SAM7 Bikepaths V2.1
Note: you can find the Terrain Grass NAM version of SAM 7 Bikepaths here.

Installing this mod will change the regular SAM7 Asphalt streets from the NAM to new ones which include bikepaths. Options include LHD/RHD and EU/US Textures so this should work well with almost everyone's configuration.

Every one of the SAM textures has been remade so you should not end up with any unmatched parts, this includes the Wide Radius Curves from the NAM's Rural Roads feature, a replacement for the RTMT on street SAM7 stops and for the High Speed Rail over SAM7 street. There are also two options for the rail crossing textures to match both the Real Railway (RRW) and PEG's 205 Rail textures.

V2.1 Features

Further texture improvements. Thanks to Girafe for feedback.

Additional (optional) T21 mod for adding bikes onto the streets

New installer, makes installation much simpler. Please remove old versions before installing.

TGN-Compatible* texture versions (*COMING SOON*)

Dependencies(accessible from the Dependency Tracker for convenience if you need them)

The base mod is simply a texture override for the default SAM 7 streets that comes with the NAM, therefore the NAM and specifically the Street Addon Mod (SAM) must be installed for this mod to work. There are no dependencies required for the base texture mod, however certain addons require dependencies as follows:

Base T21 Mod

BSC - VIP girafe - MGB204 bicyclepack vol. 1

Girafe_Bike_T21 Prop Pack (included in download)

Extended EU Roadsign T21 Mod

BSC TSC French Road Signs by Girafe

French Road Signs Prop T21 Overrides (included in download)

Jondor Type Rail Crossing T21s

Modular Railroad Crossings by Jondor

BSC TSC French Road Signs by Girafe (optional - if installed a European-style road sign will appear on affected crossings)

RUM for RRW by Rivit (optional - if installed, along with Plundare's catenaries, these will be extended to the SAM7 crossings)

Please read the included readme, as always it contains important information.
You can find this in the My Documents\SimCity 4\LEX_Downloads\MGB Mods folder.

If you have problems or comments, feel free to comment in my support/development thread on SC4D.

Thanks to Cataylst for creating such wonderful textures and having the idea in the first place and a special thanks to Girafe for making the bike props especially for use with the T21s. Additional thanks to Rivit for the tools required to create the TGN variants and TPB for allowing me to use his updated Euro Roundabout textures.


mattb325 Thankyou for all of your efforts - this looks wonderful! 2016-01-30
girafe Thank you so much for such great job :) 2016-01-30