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Creator: MGB204 Upload Date: 2016-01-29
Last Update: 2016-01-29 File Type: Plop
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This download contains five starter lots which can be used with my Rail Depot Pack (RDP).

Two small 8x3 (GLR/Rail) and 3 large (GLR/Rail/HSR) lots are included. All lots are Network-Enabled for the correct transit types. Large lots also include a road connection for access to the lot. All lots require Electricity, Water and Road Access, plus provide a small number of jobs. For full details of Lot Properties, see the included readme file.

These depot lots utilise the features in RDP as follows:

Automata Props - These lots will show your installed automata upon them. Timing is used to change the trains throughout the day.

Compatible with all RDP texture options. Select your style during install of RDP.

Additionally there are three styles of lots, allowing support for the following Catenary options:

Plundere's Catenaries - Requires additional dependency Plundere's Catenary Essentials

Rivit's Reskin of the above - Requires RUM for RRW

German-style Catenaries - Requires SFBT Lichtsignale & Oberleitungen Props.
Note: Only the large lots are supported for this style.

No Catenaries

It is possible to mix and match between these options, but you can only use one of each lot. You will also need to have Coego's HSR Essentials installed, if you are using the HSR lot.

Limitations of linked-Automata props
By utilising the resources inside my RDP dependency, these lots are able to show the installed automata upon them. Whatever automata you are using will appear, but in some cases they may not appear to fit together properly. There is simply too much variation out there to support every possible setup. In an attempt to make them as compatible as possible, I've based them off the fantastic automata made by Vester. This is because it offers such a wide variety of trains that I can verify will look as intended when used with these lots. The following automata packs have been tested to work with these lots:

GLR/El Trains:
VDK GLR Train Mods Vol 3
VDK GLR Train Mods Vol 4

Passenger Trains:
VDK Japanese Train Mods Vol 05
VDK Train Mods Vol 06, Super Express Trains
VDK Trains Mods, Volume 08

HSR/Monorail Trains:
VDK Train Mods Vol 7 - HSR

Of course, the option exists to simply move the props as required using the Lot Editor, where results with other automata are not ideal. You are also totally free to modify these lots and release them. They have been lotted/modded to provide great functionality whilst keeping dependencies small. I'm sure some out there can create much better looking lots than I, but all the difficult modding is done for you this way.


alex1719 2016-04-23
SimNation NVM I saw that it is in the actual cantenaries folder. Great job, they look great 2016-02-01
SimNation MGB_RDP_CatenaryResource.dat is missing from the zip file. 2016-02-01
tarieltestbot wow, you've been busy, I see:-) Very good ! I'm want to start on railroads and such, now ! 2016-01-29
Alan_Waters Thank you so much!!! 2016-01-29
Alan_Waters Thank you so much!!! 2016-01-29