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Creator: MGB204 Upload Date: 2016-01-02
Last Update: Never File Type: Textures
Views: 6605 Category: Mods - Transport
Last Downloaded: 2021-04-07 Downloads: 312


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The mod replaces the grass textures on transport networks with grass that blends in with your terrain mod.

Gobias Berner Oberland (unified wealth) Version

Click here if you prefer the Multi-Wealth version of this mod instead.

Click these links to download either the Appalachian, Pyrenean or Sudden Valley versions of TGN.

v2 of TGN (1st Jan 16) includes the following improvements:

  • Both US and EU versions have been merged into one, simple to use installer.
  • Better support for LHD textures.
  • Improved quality textures due to new processes.
  • Extended rail texture coverage, still with options for Maxis/NAM Default, PEG 205 and RRW (Real Railway) compatibility.
  • Many fixes/improvements.
  • Supports NAM 34 textures.
  • NEW Optional overrides for many of the grass textures contained in the BSC Texture Mega Packs Vol.1 - Vol. 3
  • NEW LHD support for US users.
  • NEW Pyrenean Terrain Mod variant.


Warning: Existing users should completely remove any existing TGN files BEFORE installing this update.

This mod is packaged as a Windows .exe installer. For those that would prefer not/are unable to use an Installer, the NSIS installer files can be opened with 7zip or a similar application. If you wish to do this, you will have to manually setup the folder/file structure with the correct individual files within the archive.

Please refer to the installed documentation for further details, note these files are installed here:

My Documents\SimCity 4\LEX_Downloads\MGB Mods

This is to avoid cluttering up your Plugins folders with non-SC4 files.

Dependencies / Compatibility

There are no dependencies for this mod. The base mod is suitable for use with the vanilla game, but I highly recommend using it with the latest version of the Network Addon Mod.

Highly Recommended:

This mod is designed for either the US or EU Cosmetic ReTexture mod in the NAM. Both RHD and LHD textures are supported. Additionally you can select from three rail types, Maxis/NAM default, PEG 205 or RRW (Real Railway). Coverage for all NAM road networks excluding RHW.

Help make this mod better

Found a missing or unsupported texture? Having problems or Got comments? Then why not visit my thread at either SC4D (MGB Mods & Other Stuff) or Simtropolis (MGB's Lot and Mod Shack)?

I would like to say a big thank you to the following people

  • TPB, for allowing me to use his updated Euro roundabout textures.
  • Rivit, for the huge support and tools that made this mod possible in the first place.
  • Memo, for the original tools. Without which, I would never have embarked upon such a project in the first place.


  • This mod Is pretty comprehensive, with much more detailed textures. Be aware at around 40MB you may find your game loading slower with these installed. In-game performance should not be affected though.
  • Whilst the mod is designed to compliment HD Terrain Mods, none of the included textures are themselves so-called HD. All are standard 128x128 textures and will run with software rendering. Bear in mind though that Hardware rending is required to use a HD Terrain mod in the first place.


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