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Creator: MGB204 Upload Date: 2015-12-31
Last Update: 2016-01-04 File Type: Textures
Views: 6756 Category: Mods - Transport
Last Downloaded: 2021-01-12 Downloads: 560


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The No Grass NAM mod is an updated version of popular mods that remove the Maxis grass from your networks in-game.

Using the files from my TGN (Terrain Grass NAM) mod, which aims to replace all the original Maxis grass, I was able to adapt the output to show full sidewalks instead of replacing the grass quite easily. I know a number of users prefer to have full sidewalks instead of grass. Since it was so simple to change my scripts, I'm uploading the NGN as a new, up to date mod for such purposes.


This mod is packaged as a Windows .exe installer. For those that would prefer not/are unable to use an Installer, the NSIS installer files can be opened with 7zip or a similar application. If you wish to do this, you will have to manually setup the folder/file structure with the correct individual files within the archive.

Please refer to the installed documentation for further details, note these files are installed here:

My Documents\SimCity 4\LEX_Downloads\MGB Mods

This is to avoid cluttering up your Plugins folders with non-SC4 files.


Dependencies / Compatibility

There are no dependencies for this mod. The base mod is suitable for use with the vanilla game, but I highly recommend using it with the latest version of the Network Addon Mod.

This mod is designed for either the US or EU Cosmetic ReTexture mod in the NAM. Both RHD and LHD textures are supported. Additionally you can select from three rail types, Maxis/NAM default, PEG 205 or RRW (Real Railway).

Help make this mod better

Found a missing or unsupported texture? Having problems or Got comments? Then why not visit my thread at either SC4D (MGB's Mods and other stuff) or Simtropolis (MGB's Lot and Mod Shack)?

I would like to say a big thank you to the following people

  • TPB, for allowing me to use his updated Euro roundabout textures.
  • Rivit, for the huge support and tools that made this mod possible in the first place.


CT14 Thanks for keeping this up to date with new textures! 2018-11-23
MGB204 @emanuelfranco0390 - No, it doesn't include those textures. But if untick the streets option during, it will show whatever street mod you have. So IF you had a version of TSR without grass it would work. 2016-01-27
emanuelfranco0390 Is this compatible with RVT Tarsealed Streets? Thank you 2016-01-26
MGB204 Minor point update... added support for NAM 34 textures and a few bug fixes. 2016-01-04
BATs By Bipin Fabulous work, as always! 2015-12-31
mattb325 Thanks! 2015-12-31
Alan_Waters Many thanks! It is very cool! Happy New Year! 2015-12-31