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Creator: TheTeaCat Upload Date: 2015-12-25
Last Update: Never File Type: Farming
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Here for your enjoyment is a collection of farms. Perfect for starting off a rural area or just to fill in spaces. One of the things you'll notice is there are no buildings used and that the main building is a reworked maxis prop. This way you can have all the benefits of the farm without the building.

There are a total of 16 farms, 8 of which have specific maxis fields attached and the other 8 require BSC farm fields to be installed. All the lots are sized 2 x 2 or 2 x 3 and all grow at stage 1 and 2.  Each lot is easily named so if you don't like any , just remove the offending lot from your plugins folder.  All the farms are CAMpatible and are slope friendly too (as long as it's not too steep a slope)

The lots using BSC fields contribute towards the BTE reward schemes


noahclem Looks great, thanks for the Christmas present!! 2015-12-25
TheTeaCat My apologies Dreadnought, These files have been languishing on my Hdd's for a long time but I reckon as the game's been out for so long most folks would have these files as standard. 2015-12-25
Dreadnought Download does not connect with the dependency tracker. 2015-12-25
metarvo This is what I've always wanted. Good work! 2015-12-25
sejr99999 thank you I have enjoyed your older farms and am sure these will be just as beautiful 2015-12-25
tarieltestbot oooooh ! Moar Farms, Moar !:-) Thank you -- I'm so glad to see you're still at it ! I love your creations.<br /> 2015-12-25
markussaage Nice... thx a lot! 2015-12-25