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Creator: jeronij Upload Date: 2007-01-14
Last Update: Never File Type: Realistic
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Jeronij Tunnel and Slope Mod
Description Forget the not credible slope Networks. This is my version of the known Tunnel and slope mod originally modded by TheBigRedFish. This is a highly recommended mod for all the city sculptors. Simply unload the file into your plugins folder and lay a transit network. Make sure you have no other version installed to avoid conflicts. For experienced players only.
Details and Informartion This mod will help you to create much more realistic slopes with all the transit networks, except the ANT tool.
Compatibility These props are compatible with SC4 Vanilla edition with the Rush Hour Addon and the latest NAM version (January 2007)
�Installation �Simply unzip the included folder to your plugins folder. Make sure you do no copy the htm or the jpg files. Also make sure you have only one slope mod installed at a time !!!.
�Dependencies None
�Credits �Thanks to the whole SC4 community for keeping this great game alive!!!
�Feedback and Support �You can see this mod in action, and build a city with other SC4 players at SC4 Devotion: Slope City.
User Agreement By installing this mod, you do agree to not redistribute it. If your creation needs this mod, please include a link to SC4Devotion where you downloaded it.
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This package contains pieces for use with Sim City 4 or Sim City 4 Deluxe Edition. Any other use is at your own risk. This is a free custom creation by jeronij


Servius VERY GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! txsssssssssssssss 2013-03-08
vasarely lalala 2012-10-12
pjc1965 More Realism ! 2012-10-04
vishals730 great 2012-04-18
Nktk95 My Simcity will be more real than before. Though it seems to have some bugs, it is very useful. Thanks. 2012-02-13
fangio057 merci 2011-10-22
Gosu237 Finally a slope mod the works for me. THANK YOU! 2011-08-04
wil536 THANKS 2011-01-08
rimmy2back wonderful! thanx! 2011-01-04
joshriddle577 Love it thanks! 2010-10-02
brandbrand32 thanks 2010-09-25
js303 Thank you. 2010-08-06
Webnut Is this now the default version? I know BRF did the original and CSX released one.. not sure who else. 2010-06-17
Caller9 Works well and looks very good. I seem to be having a problem with bridges across water however. It is now almost impossible to build a Maxis Highway, Avenue, or rail bridge. When I remove the slope mod I have the ability to build said bridges but of course, they look terrible! Is there something else I need to do to make this work over water? Thanks 2010-06-05
sejr99999 thank you now hopefully can build the switchbacks I always wanted for mountainous areas 2010-05-05
simfreak500 thanx 2009-08-27
mafukw Thanks 2009-04-08
MANIACAVE Nice!!Thank you 2008-11-28
Malkavie Hi, well let\'s try it, I\'ve tried some other slope modds and it is still incredibly hard to make tunnels, I love tunnels but I can\'t create them let`s what this baby can do ;) 2008-10-19
art128kan excellent !! 2008-08-22
mopey Fab! 2008-08-01
Rebs07 I know making roads going up steep mountains and hills really was hard to do. I hope this will be albe to do a lot better job with that. 2007-05-31
SpartanB292 fantabulously usefull 2007-04-08
jacqulina wonderfull thanks 2007-03-30
patfirefghtr Jeronij are you sure you are not god? cause man this is sweeeet thank you very much 2007-03-28
Silur My feeling - this is the best of slope MOD. Thanks ! 2007-03-15
Serkanner Till now I have always used the original version by BigRedFish ... I am going to see how this version turns out. Thank you Jeroni for all of your creations. 2007-02-24
jeronij bfairin, I am not sure about what you do mean.... I have never heard about the diagonal slope mod...you can open a thread in the forums if you like, with a link to that mod you mention ;-D 2007-02-11
bfairin I like what it does in the screenshot. It is irritating trying to build a road up the side of a steep slope. The game won\'t allow you to make switchbacks like in some of the most mountainous areas. But I would like to know before I try this if it will interfere with/or be interfered by the diagonal slope mod. Do we need to remove the diagonal slope mod or can they work together? Thanks. 2007-02-03
EDGE4194 Thanks jeroni- it really makes a big difference in the slopes- much more realistic. 2007-01-21
bat Great 2007-01-16