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Creator: MGB204 Upload Date: 2015-12-05
Last Update: 2015-12-08 File Type: Props
Views: 6666 Category: Parks - Eye Candy
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These eye-candy bridges were designed to span larger gaps. They can be used with game water, MMPs or canal/pond lots. The regular bridge is 8 tiles wide and the ramp-end version is 9 tiles wide.

In order for the bridges to display correctly, they need to be built on the flank of a 10m high hill. The ramp-end bridge variant has one end of the bridge at ground level, with a spiral ramp for access. These bridges may look OK with other heights, but the bridge supports would be in the air if the bridge was higher than 10m so I wouldn't recommend it.

Since these lots are eye-candy I have made them totally neutral, i.e. neither positive or negative effects will occur from their use. They are free to plop and have no monthly costs either. Find the bridges in your Parks menu.

There are no dependencies and the models have nitelighting too.

Update: I forgot to mention, these models are rendered in HD. I could make some SD versions if there is demand for them? If I'm honest I totally forgot about this when I uploaded them.


Kergelen Nice design! 2015-12-09
SimNation Wow these look great man, not many ped bridges I have but these are nice thanks 2015-12-09
APSMS Very nice! 2015-12-08
mattb325 Wonderful addition - I really like this style of foot-bridge 2015-12-08
tarieltestbot Wow MGB, that's a treat ! 2015-12-07
girafe Looks really good, btw I am really surprised by your modeling skills 2015-12-07
MGB204 Functional is easy enough, it just requires pathing the model. However, such paths simply can not work with an overhanging lot such as this. In order for it to work, the bridges would need lots that fit then entire bridge. So an 8x1 or 9x3 lots for these. If you do that, then you can't build under or around the bridges, so as always it's a trade-off. 2015-12-06
Lackadaisy Great addition! If only it was functional. :D 2015-12-06
sejr99999 thank you for this beautiful bridge 2015-12-06
caspervg Really beautiful. Thanks a lot! 2015-12-06
michae95l Beautiful work, will fit excellently into a few of my cities! Thanks for making these! 2015-12-06
Alan_Waters Excellent!!! 2015-12-06