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Creator: MGB204 Upload Date: 2015-10-18
Last Update: Never File Type: NAM Plugin Files
Views: 6547 Category: Mods - Transport
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*** Update 5th Nov 2016 - With the release of NAM35, all these updates have been included in the main NAM package. As such, this mod is redundant and has been locked. Please update to the latest NAM version instead of using this mod. ***

When Moonlight first created his "Alternate" El-Rail network for the NAM, it included crossings for RHW. Sadly, around the same time P57 came along and broke all the RHW pieces. Finally though, you can cross RHW as ML had always intended with this patch.

This patch includes all the originally supported crossings:

Ortho EL/Ortho Highway

  • RHW-6S*
  • RHW-8S
  • RHW-10S
  • RHW C Networks (6C, 7C & 8C)

Ortho EL & Diagonal EL x Ortho Highway

  • RHW-3

All Ortho/Diag combinations

  • RHW-2
  • RHW-4

* RHW 6S has changed from a 2-Tile to a 1-Tile network with overhangs. However, there is only 1 tile of space for the El-Rail model and this means the pillars cut into the inner highway lane. See the readme for more details, however this is NOT a bug.

As a small bonus, I've included a crossing for the CAN-AM too, with a choice between one of two bridge styles.

Thanks to Alex (Tarkus) for helping me decipher the old RHW ID scheme and everybody else who has helped in some way towards the existence of this mod. A special thanks to Moonlight for all the wonderful additions he created for the SC4 community, not least the El-Rail overhaul.




Alan_Waters I changed the registration data. "glebqip 1" - a nickname my son. I do not like "Alternative El Rail" because of the fences on the ground, it looks bulky, and on the channels will be difficulties. 2015-11-17
MGB204 @glebqip1 I think you misunderstand, this is only going to work if you are using the "Alternate El Rail" included in the NAM. Otherwise why would you want these crossings to use a different style to the rest of the network? If you installed the textures from that mod then these pieces would look correct. This is not intended to be replacement bridges for the Maxis El-Rail network. 2015-11-17
glebqip1 Which texture needed to steel bridges correct? 2015-11-15
glebqip1 It's a pity. The idea is good 2015-11-05
MGB204 @glebqip1 - These are the fixed models. If they appear like that in your game, it's because you've not installed ML's Alternate El Rail mod from the NAM installer. If you aren't using ML's mod, this download won't work properly. 2015-11-04
glebqip1 it can be corrected? 2015-10-27