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Creator: girafe Upload Date: 2015-07-02
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Base Set:

    Grfe_mgb_bicyclepack_vol. 1.dat

    This is the base pack and includes models, props and prop families which contain 10 orthogonal and 10 diagonal bike props. Props can be found under the name:  Grfe_bike_...

Optional MMPs:

    Grfe_mgb_bikes_diago.dat + Grfe_mgb_bikes_ortho.dat

    2 MMPs set that can be found in the "Optional MMPs" folder for the bike props, one for orthogonal bikes and a second for diagonal bikes.

Optional Prop Overrides for Murimk Bikes:

Installing these files will allow you to optionally change any existing Murimk bikes without having to re-plop them. Note: these files must load after the original prop pack/MMP by Murimk to work correctly.


    Found in the "Optional Overrides" folder, installing this file will replace any existing bike props by Murimk with the included bike props.


    This file works the same way as the previous file, except this will replace the MMP versions of Murimk's bikes.

Special thanks to mgb204, BSC / VIP Members.


Dhoyok great!<br /> 2015-10-18
Aaron Graham Great Work!!! 5/5 :O 2015-07-18
emanuelfranco0390 OMG thank you this is so beautiful *o* :) 2015-07-04
sejr99999 thank you much appreciated new bike props 2015-07-02