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Creator: MGB204 Upload Date: 2015-06-04
Last Update: 2016-11-05 File Type: NAM Plugin Files
Views: 7334 Category: Mods - Transport
Last Downloaded: 2021-01-16 Downloads: 1216


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Do you use the Maxis Highway Override Mod which came with the NAM a few versions ago, otherwise known as Project Symphony? Are you also using the Overpass mod from the Japanese NAM Facelift Mod? If so, you'll want this compatibility patch which updates all the models to cross MHO.


  • An earlier version of this file was previously included with my MHO Patch Mod, which is now obsolete.
    Please update your NAM version to 35 or later which includes all the other fixes and much more besides.
  • If you previously used the MHO Patch Mod, you should remove it's installation folder/contents entirely. I.e. the folder "M - MHO Patch" inside the "z____MGB Mods" folder.


SC4 with NAM (version 35 or later highly recommended) and the Maxis Highway Override installed.

The Alternate Overpasses mod from the Japanese NAM Facelift Mod (full details/links/tutorial can be found here).

Installation / Load Order

Load order for this mod may be a little tricky. The Jap NAM Facelift mod must load after "z___NAM" to work correctly. But this mod need to load both after that and also the Jap NAM Facelift mod.

I've actually included with this mod a dedicated folder where you should move the Jap NAM FL mod, to ensure everything works. So when you extract the included .zip file, you get a folder "z____MGB Mods", including two subfolders "A - JapNAMFL" & "Z - Final Load". You should copy the extracted folder into the root of your plugins folder. If a prompt appears, click OK to Merge/Overwrite any files/folders. Then find the installation folder of the Jap NAM Facelift mod and place it inside the "z____MGB Mods\A - JapNAMFL" folder. This is the one and only supported setup. If you need to manage load order differently, that's totally fine, but I won't officially support this.


Having problems? Got comments? Then why not visit my home on SC4Devotion MGB's Mods and Other Stuff.




SimNation Thanks for the NAM 35 update 2016-11-06
Alan_Waters 2015-11-22
glebqip1 it can be corrected? 2015-10-27
slayermemet It would be great if there is a patch for project symphony diagonal and rhw diagonal. 2015-10-14
slayermemet Sorry! It was my mistake. After extracting from the archive, I put the folder into another one. After moving the folder into the Plugins directory and it worked. Thank you so much :) 2015-10-14
slayermemet Nice work, but it did not work for me. I have tried it with DBE but maxis I still have the Maxis Highway textures on my diagonal highway. What am I doing wrong, I really dont know. 2015-10-14
metarvo Nice work! This removes one of the few remaining roadblocks for this spectacular network. 2015-06-14
glebqip1 Thank you very much! 2015-06-12
MGB204 @glebqip1 - In theory yes, everything can, however please refer to the readme as it notes my future development plans. I'll probably get round to diagonals and such one day, but there is a lot of work to do and it may take time. 2015-06-12
glebqip1 2015-06-11
glebqip1 it can be corrected?<br /> [img][/img] 2015-06-10
noahclem Looks awesome!! Can't wait to try it out and look forward to checking how you did it. I've been wanting something like this for a long time 2015-06-05
glebqip1 adorably!!! 2015-06-05
noahclem Looks awesome!! Can't wait to try it out and look forward to checking how you did it. I've been wanting something like this for a long time 2015-06-04