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Creator: girafe Upload Date: 2015-01-10
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This is a props pack that regroups car models in 45 & 90 degree version (Carpack vol. 4) and urban props.

For LOTters, these props are available in Lot Editor Props Section's, under the name:

  • Grfe_(name of constructor)_(name of model)

  • Grfe_(name of urban props).

Special thanks to BSC / VIP Members.


Tarkus BobsleiiG: That's because it's a prop pack intended for use as a dependency in other files. It's not supposed to put anything onto your menus. 2017-04-14
BobsleiiG Thank you very much. This pack looks great, but it does not appear in my menus ...: / 2017-04-14
GreatWesternUK Awesome work :) 2017-03-20
BATs By Bipin Fantastic! 2017-03-11
MGB204 Real handy for European environments. One of my staple prop packs, thanks for sharing. 2017-01-23
alex1719 Obrigado! 2016-11-03
BATs By Bipin Thanks! 2016-02-20
sejr99999 thank you for great props 2015-08-22
tb7 Thank you very much - excelent props! 2015-02-15
der_gammler Fantastic!! That\'s what I Need. THX!! 2015-01-23
Aaron Graham Great work!!! :D 2015-01-14
Gordon Bill Alexnader great work 2015-01-12
noahclem Awesome work! 2015-01-11
pedjica great thanks! :D 2015-01-10