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Creator: girafe Upload Date: 2013-11-27
Last Update: Never File Type: Growable
Views: 14352 Category: Residential - Small
Last Downloaded: 2020-10-20 Downloads: 5577


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This package includes darknite / maxisnite version of villa Libeskind.

Version available: R$$$ growable.

For LOTters, the LOT is available in Lot Editor, under the name: R$$$4_3x2_Grfe_villa_Libeskind

Special thanks to VIP / SC4 devotion members for their support.

Currently this package includes hedge seasonal props used for many VIP uploads


JojiTX It took a while to get this to grow but when it did, boy did it look awesome! 2020-06-17
hmcmanus416 Looks Awesome!!. What building style is it? Still has not grown. Thanks 2016-09-15
titanica yet to see it grow- but the pic looks cool.<br /> 2014-01-04
khsgreat01 WOW!! It\'s really great!! 2013-12-14
Aaron Graham Great work!!!! 5/5 :O 2013-11-30
Stewey It looks interesting and unique, but would look out of place in my suburbs as mine are all UK themed. Still, nice job and thanks for sharing. 2013-11-28
mgarcia Awesome!!!!!!!!! Thanks Antoine! 2013-11-27
KonstantinII I can use it in my low density, suburbs 2013-11-27
longtimepcgamer Very cool... 2013-11-27
cprimm awesome 2013-11-27