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Creator: girafe Upload Date: 2013-10-17
Last Update: Never File Type: Plop
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This is a set of 5 chestnuts flora for the mayor menu. It contains 2 different versions:

- summer

- seasonal

You could find these creations in mayor mode at the beginning of the list. For LOTters, these trees are available in Lot Editor Props Section's, under the name: Grfe_chestnut_...

It contains 2 versions of props:

-timed props

-non-timed props

Cooperation between lot of members for this set - special thanks to Lowkee33 and Dedgren for the seasonal modding


KonstantinUh супер! 2017-01-14
eowyn very nice - thank you 2014-05-13
sejr99999 very beautiful trees thank you 2013-10-21
Aaron Graham Great Work!!! 5/5 :D 2013-10-21
AREA-55 Sweet Hu Hu 10/10 2013-10-21
Delecto 10 / 10 for your work!!! 2013-10-21
Uberschall Perfect as always. The variety I\'ve gotten thanks to girafe\'s flora alone is stunning, thank you for all your amazing work. 2013-10-20
darknono35 Great work. Another beautiful tree species in my folder :D 2013-10-19
der_gammler Great! Another fantastic download to improve our natural sceneries. 2013-10-19
xannepan I third that. An all HD Girafe tree controller including these beauties would be great. 2013-10-19
Maskopatol Jaw dropping! 2013-10-18
longtimepcgamer I second that motion.....a tree controller using your trees would be awesome!!! 2013-10-18
longtimepcgamer Tree\'s by you is an automatic download. 2013-10-18
SilverCyric Awesome, I really enjoy your trees, they\'re my favorite! Ever thought of releasing a tree controller? The Arden Controller is great, but I was just thinking something that\'s more modern and showcases all of your great stuff at once. Thanks for the great stuff! It\'s very much appreciated 2013-10-17
mgarcia Thanks Antoine - these are really beautiful! 2013-10-17