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This is a reproduction of the famous lighthouse Pierres noires in Brittany (Finistère). The BAT is provided in 1 LOT (1x1) in LM. The values assigned to the model and LOT have been created with the PIM-X. Thanks to Barbyw for modding and Girafe for packaging.


cronop44 Thanks 2017-09-13
erazer32 absolutly perfect! thx a lot. 2013-08-18
rjamesp beautiful 2013-07-07
Memo_ahly thx 2013-06-24
mattb325 Beautiful work! 2013-06-22
Aaron Graham Great work!!!! 5/5 :D 2013-06-21
darknono35 Great job as always :) 2013-06-21
girafe PEG_WATERMOD_Brigantine_205 2013-06-20
Schulmanator Awesome! Thanks! 2013-06-20
sejr99999 thank you for this beautiful addition to seashore areas 2013-06-20
longtimepcgamer Very nice. What is the water mod you are using in the picture? 2013-06-19
paul Nice looking lighthouse. 2013-06-19