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Creator: vnaoned Upload Date: 2013-06-09
Last Update: 2013-07-12 File Type: Growable
Views: 6177 Category: Commercial - Small
Last Downloaded: 2020-11-27 Downloads: 1249


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This is a typical village bank agency. The BAT is provided in 1 growable LOT as CO$$ and 1 ploppable LOT as CS$$. The values assigned to the model and LOT have been created with the PIM-X. Thanks to Barbyw for modding and Girafe for packaging.

UPDATE 12th June 2013

Problem with the query has been fixed. BSC Essentials became a dependency.

UPDATE 10th July 2013

Small modding problem has been fixed.


cronop44 Thanks 2017-09-13
TonyNobo Beautiful little building, thank you! 2013-11-03
TonyNobo Beautiful little building, thank you! 2013-11-03
mattb325 This is a lovely little building - thankyou for sharing 2013-06-22
valvedude jeffabes, this is a w2w.. it\'s what you see on the left & includes the annex in the centre. well worth a d/load! 2013-06-13
jeffabes Is this a W2W building, shown next to a couple of other buildings in the first picture? Or, is everything in the picture part of the bank agency? 2013-06-13
cygnus61 g - New version works great, thanks as always! 2013-06-12
valvedude Downloading again straight away... the thanks goes to you 2013-06-12
Aaron Graham Great Job!!! 5/5 :O 2013-06-12
girafe Thanks guys for the report, it has been fixed :) 2013-06-12
valvedude Another great one, thank you! Having same thing that cygnus61 mentioned with the ploppable, growable fine though brings up query even when placed with buildingplop cheat 2013-06-11
cygnus61 Very nice, but the ploppable crashed SC4 to the desktop when I clicked on it to see the specs. Maybe I\'m missing something... 2013-06-11
Schulmanator This is a charming building. 2013-06-10
sejr99999 thank you for another beautiful building 2013-06-09
longtimepcgamer very nice...keep them coming! 2013-06-09