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Creator: whatevermind Upload Date: 2013-01-16
Last Update: Never File Type: Terrain
Views: 6965 Category: Mods - General
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This mod replaces the default Maxis God Mode flora brush with a new brush that has a square pattern and a larger coverage to more quickly plant your cities. This mod also contains smaller brushes for detailed planting.


kikiota looks cool 2016-12-07
bitterquill I\'ve been using something similar from the another site for a while, and this one is a great improvement. The largest brush is truly huge, the shape is much easier to control along straight edges, and the smaller sizes are very useful for detail work. Thank you! 2014-03-11
blaqsk8 how do I not download...I like the square idea, especially next to certain lots 2013-01-17
chef_ramsy ok i understand better nnow what this does downloaded 2013-01-17
SilverCyric jano: Yeah, use a tree controller or god mode flora mod 2013-01-17
Serkanner Very neat idea. Much appreciated. 2013-01-17
jano This mod is great! However does anybody know if there\'s a way to use trees other than the maxis ones as a brush? 2013-01-17
chef_ramsy hummmmmm sorry im not tempted to d/l cuz not hd and no screenshots :#$!# 2013-01-17