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Creator: Andreas Upload Date: 2012-12-24
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This prop pack is the ultimate pack for everyone who loves horses. It contains more than 300 props with various horses, and a set of horse coaches. The horses (bay horses, grey horses and black horses) and coaches can be used in Lot Editor as props (grouped in various prop families), and they are available as Mayor Mode Ploppables. Click repeatedly with the left mouse button to select between the individual models. The last model of each plop cycle is "empty", this can be useful if you accidentially selected a wrong item and want to remove it again without using the bulldozer tool.


whoosc4dev Fantastique , merci ;) 2013-02-16
c.p. Wow, very nice! Thanks! 2013-01-16
jabylee188 thanks,it\'s very nice! 2013-01-02
jg362343 Why am I getting boxes 2012-12-28
dwelln8hss32 Yaaaawwwwh! Thanks! 2012-12-26
bluefire26 THANK YOU!!!! I actually suggested something like this some time ago on the STEX, and I can see I wasn\'t alone. Looking forward to some transit-enabled models... hopefully? 2012-12-25
sejr99999 thank you for these beautiful props so many possible uses 2012-12-25
Aaron Graham Wow!!! I need this thank you for this 5/5 :O 2012-12-25
fiver OMG, this is SO NICE! Props and MMPs! Totally overwhelming! :-)))) 2012-12-25
JADsHome Gorgeous work. Thanks for these. 2012-12-25
noahclem Awesome! I\'ve been hoping for these forever :) 2012-12-24