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Creator: Gobias Upload Date: 2012-11-26
Last Update: Never File Type: Textures
Views: 10902 Category: Mods - Graphics
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This pack includes 10 custom HD Sidewalk Texture Mods:a variety of cobblestone, cement, brick, rock and mortar surfaces.

The pack also includes a plugin to replace the MAXIS plaza base and overlay textures. Use this plugin with ANY sidewalk texture to better blend the new sidewalk with lot bases.


bronco313 This is great, but when I zoom in, the textures turn into grass.. what have I done wrong? 2019-01-04
Salva1914 Fantastic!!!! Thank you very much 2017-02-03
Golhbul Great!!!! Thanx a lot 2016-08-11
WktSimCity It can use all 2015-04-10
WktSimCity 2014-09-20
Rebs07 Really nice looking, looking forward to using this as the default maxis ones are sooooo boring!! Thank you very much. 2014-03-29
Stewey This is my favourite pavement mod, thanks for uploading! 2014-02-26
Aaron Graham Great work!!! :D 5/5 2013-07-30
suhi2 nice! thank you! 2013-06-09
noahclem Super #1 sidewalks ;) Absolutely love them! 2013-04-04
fiver Looks wonderful, thanks a lot! (it doesn\'t yet include the mod that replaces the MAXIS retaining walls with a variety of brick or rock/mortar walls, does it? http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?topic=14785.60) 2012-12-29
hc74 Genius! Thanks a ton! 2012-12-02
13592931694 2012-11-30
JayStimson Very nicely done. 2012-11-30
DragonAnime Thank you. These look fantastic! 2012-11-28
oyefor this looks real... Very appreciated, thanks! 2012-11-28
Zimmie Fantastic sidewalk texture mod! And default Maxis plaza texture replacement to boot, nice, always hated those textures. Thank you for sharing this. 2012-11-27
republic Wow, amazing sidewalk texture :D Ought to try out for myself! 2012-11-26
Mithrik Incredible work! These should be an awesome add-on for the game. Thank you! 2012-11-26