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Creator: xannepan Upload Date: 2012-03-20
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The Hôtel de Ville in Paris, France, is the building housing the City of Paris's administration. Standing on the place de l'Hôtel de Ville (formerly the place de Grève) in the city's IVe arrondissement, it has been the location of the municipality of Paris since 1357. It serves multiple functions, housing the local administration, the Mayor of Paris (since 1977), and also serves as a venue for large receptions. CONTENTS Hotel de Ville is provided as a landmark AND as a City Hall lot. You can find the lots in the landmarks and rewards menus, respectively. Place de l'Hotel de Ville is provided on three lots: a regular lot, a lot with a farmers market and a lot with a concert. You can find these lots in the park menu!


Zatzz Xannepan will you be making more Paris buildings?<br /> 2015-02-25
Zatzz Xannepan will you be making more Paris buildings?<br /> 2015-02-25
globe2004 THANKS~~BUT IT HASNT SHOW COMPLETED. The first problem with the roof,has only half of the building appears in the game~ The second problem is box problem yet.the file called \"jenxparis place hotel de ville\". 2014-06-21
ube_b0708 Its great. Place de l\'Hotel de Ville not work. I installed all dependencies, But some brown box appears. Please tell me how can i decide it. 2014-03-14
Une_ame So, you\'ve realy decided to BAT the whole town ? Well, to be honest, I\'m not going to complain but let me tell you, you\'ve just kill the next SimCity (no way they can do the job you\'ve already done). :-) Thank you Xannepan. 2013-01-17
mady97 thank, beautiful 2012-08-18
datschikinhed I just wanted to say that I absolutely love the concert sounds. I\'m sitting here jammin out to Queen... When something comes up, I don\'t wanna pause it. I just let my industrial district burn til the song\'s over :P 2012-08-06
jordan_n 2012-08-03
GELY Merci 2012-08-02
jjbbarbosa hello, looks great, but i\'m having a problem... no roof!!! i think i have all dependancies... can you help me? thank you in advance 2012-07-09
jonnboy1976 Beautiful as always! Great work! 2012-06-21
dvxhd Thanks... I built it one city just to see how it would look, then bulldozed the lot. However, the songs kept playing even though the building wasn\'t there. I did, however, go into the lot\'s folder under Plugins and just deleted the music file. The building works fine and the songs don\'t play anymore. 2012-06-06
xannepan The snga only play at night these are ambient sounds that you can only hear near the lot. To remove them there are several options: bull doze the concert lot, turn of the sound, or open it in the lot editor, and remove the prop called freddy... He is displayed on the stage. Just replace him by any other male/ female prop. 2012-05-27
dvxhd I think this is a great building, and you did a fantastic job with it. But is there anyway to remove the Queen songs? No disrespect, but it\'s getting a little old when it keeps repeating every so often. 2012-05-22
xannepan And file size also is a result of the seasonal versions (in fact the model is included 4 times to achieve the seasonal effect). There is nothing wrong wit the s3d :) 2012-03-26
xannepan The building has \"seasonal\" properties. As a result you need to let the game run for some time before it appears correclty. If you let the game run for a year you should be fine (more specifically you should pass 1st of may, jun, or july). 2012-03-26
noahclem I just love this building!! I\'m having trouble getting much of the building to show in game but I\'m assuming I\'ve done something wrong. I know there\'s a couple dependencies I don\'t have yet but it seems weird they\'d have this effect.... Anyway, just awesome work once again. Thanks for sharing! 2012-03-24
zmveliger Fantastic BAT. I noticed some weird S3Ds in the DAT file. That might explane the big file size. 2012-03-24
girafe Excellent !! 2012-03-22
xannepan Luoman: pls read the readme... See known issues 2012-03-22
luoman 2012-03-22
im_exil fantastic work! 2012-03-22
Jeckyll 57,996 KB :O 2012-03-21
mattb325 Exquisite....surely one of the most finely modelled buildings I\'ve seen 2012-03-21
luoman Super travail! je suis ton boulot et vraiment chapeau! j\'adore, merci pour tous les fans de sim city 4! 2012-03-21
Hellken xannepan, dpendencies list in readme needs to be updated. Some of these props are already in Mega Packs. (I forgot which) Thanks for another great work of art! :) 2012-03-21
seven_sins Yeah It is awesome like as always :) Thank you 2012-03-21
xannepan Oh... And i appologize for the many dependencies... But i really don\'t see a way around it (without me having to send major part of my spare time) 2012-03-21
xannepan Thanks everybody. I see that there are more downloads of hotel de ville then of the updated version of quai de seine. Please note that quai de seine is a dependency for this one (you need the HD trees) as stated in the readme! 2012-03-21
debussyman Great work! 2012-03-20
adsaga 2012-03-20
jack_wilds excellence on many levels... particularly the modeling... thanks for building it and sharing 2012-03-20
skopje finalmont il est arive!! 2012-03-20
Ferrotovar Excelente Obra! Muchas Gracias! 2012-03-20
Kcitydude Woohoo! 2012-03-20
Aaron Graham WoW!!! such a large file, this has to be a great bat. Great Work 5/5!!! 2012-03-20
mgarcia Yeah!!!!!!!!! Its here - awesome work. As always awesome work! 2012-03-20