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Creator: mattb325 Upload Date: 2012-03-03
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Forty-two modern, mid-rise and selected flora model files for lot-makers to use as well as a dependency for up-coming releases.

For best results, install to:  SimCity4\Plugins\BSC\BSCProps\


Disasterjunkie Very cool. thank you sir. 2020-02-13
PackagedOneasy Thank 2019-10-14
cronop44 Thanks 2017-08-29
KonstantinUh Большое спасибо! 2017-07-31
Agarcianet for MacOx please 2016-09-15
h0759 Thank you very much! 2014-03-25
john4city Thsnkd 2013-07-22
orlandomexicano Cool :) 2013-01-07
cromcity thank you so much. really nice pack and love your artwork!!! 2012-10-09
TonyNobo Thanks 2012-08-16
Panther559 Thank you very much! 2012-07-10
dazniniel Buenisimo !!!! Mil Gracias !!!! 2012-06-11
bluedragyn1 wow 42?? niiice 2012-06-11
patfirefghtr nice prop pack thank you Matt!!! 2012-04-17
MayorCheese Great work,as always! Thx! 2012-03-25
Aaron Graham Great Job!!! 5/5 :D 2012-03-18
luxhit awesome! 2012-03-09
clubmanagersamsclub Super excited! 2012-03-06
harryloko20 Nice i love ur work !!!! 2012-03-04
sejr99999 thank you eagerly anticipating how you will lot these excellent models and I promise not to abuse them so as to avoid crack houses 2012-03-03
mgarcia Same as thijskr - can\'t wait for the release of the lots. Excellent job as always - been anxiously waiting for these. 2012-03-03
jack_wilds thx, its an exciting \'teaser\' for what is to come... excellence on many levels... 2012-03-03
thenesh74 Looks great can\'t wait 2012-03-03
thijskr This looks really good!! I really need more general \'\'boring\'\' office buildings like these to add more realism to my cities. Cant wait for the release 2012-03-03
Guji looks good, will wait for those. 2012-03-03