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Creator: jmyers2043 Upload Date: 2012-02-08
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This Mega Pack includes: Dual crib barns, tool sheds large and small, chicken coops, smoke houses, and a number of work in progress props.

Many of the small props will have a shaded side so they can be set against a building and look like they are in the shadow of a larger structure.


rummtata Very lifelike and beautiful =) 2015-03-24
akirmira nice 2012-11-18
couchpotato yum... more farm stuff 2012-09-14
TonyNobo A lot to do in my rural place. Thanks 2012-09-13
TownMaster2005 These are simply brilliant. 2012-02-20
DaveN It is the great stuff Jim!! Great job. 2012-02-15
Aaron Graham Great Job!!! 5/5 2012-02-14
tag_one Lovely work Jim!!! 2012-02-11
sejr99999 thank you for these beautiful props I expect there will be a resurgence of new farm lots now 2012-02-09
jack_wilds yay... more farm toys to play with... THX jmeyers 2012-02-09
Silur Thank YOU - This is Fantastic Work !!! 2012-02-09
mgarcia This is awesome! 2012-02-09
dwelln8hss32 Outstanding details, diverse, creative, brilliant props... Thanks for this release! 2012-02-08