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For most heavy rail, engineers deliberately avoid changes in gradients wherever possible. As a result railway lines are often either raised on embankments or sunken beneath road level to ensure that changes in gradient are minimal. As a result of the latter, many passenger stations have their entrance at street level and passengers make their way down to the platform. There is a decided lack of these sorts of stations in Sim City.

This building, though fictional, borrows its design from the original Epping Station in Sydney's north. However this building has been given the Art Deco treatment with P&O inspired curves and a double-height central lookout area reminiscent of old cruise liners.

This station is on a 1x3 lot and must be placed lengthways across the rail-line. A road/street (as per the first picture in the readme) should then be placed on either side to allow commuter access.

In order to visually and correctly position this train station over the sunken rail-line, the rail-line must be exactly negative fifteen metres (-15m.) Any of the many available hole digging lots will enable you to do this easily. You can then dress the embankments with one of the many wall sets (especially useful are the sets with overhanging wall pieces designed for the NAM) or use MMP flora.

This railway station has a capacity of 30,000 commuters and is designed for passenger trips only.

This is compatible with MACs and should not suffer from the slider bug.

The values assigned to the models and lots have been created with the PIM-X and are suitable for both SC4 rush hour and CAM.


BSC Essentials

EDIT 25 May 2020. Removed installer. Made a value change to the single TSEC entry (Capacity line was previously MAC compatible so no change) to avoid MAC 64-Bit compatibility issues.


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