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Creator: girafe Upload Date: 2011-09-19
Last Update: 2020-11-23 File Type: Plop
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This is a set of 3 cattails flora for the mayor menu. It contains 2 different versions:

- summer

- seasonal

You could find these creations in mayor mode at the beginning of the list. For LOTters, these trees are available in Lot Editor Flora Section's, under the name: Grfe_cattails_...

Cooperation between lot of members for this set - special thanks to Lowkee33 for the seasonal modding and Quesh for the icons.

UPDATE 19th October 2011

Fix immortal bug for evergreen props

Fix prop A available under LE

UPDATE 23rd August 2013

Item order has been changed

Icons have been tweaked

UPDATE 23rd November 2020

LE timed / non-timed props have been added.

.exe has been removed. To install, simply unzip the contents of this file into your plugins folder.

Flora cluster changes to allow closer plopping.


Salva1914 Nice work! 2017-02-01
Badsim 2011-09-25
amthaak 2011-09-24
andreykm You are THE BEST EVER! 2011-09-23
supremec Absolutely amazing!! thank you a lot for your work! 2011-09-22
Quesh Impeccable comme toujours ! Perfect as always! 2011-09-21
Une_ame Merci Girafe pour ton super taf ! 2011-09-21
zyw5713808 2011-09-20
vortext excellent, we need more seasonal mmp :) 2011-09-20
Darth_Yencoron Good oh another way for me to hide my landscaping stuff ups :D thank you :) 2011-09-20
halenbyname_ny nice one :)) 2011-09-20
SimVlasky Yey! They are here! Thank you so very very much, they look awesome! 2011-09-20
noahclem What a pleasant surprise today!! Thanks a lot! 2011-09-20
emperordaniel great stuff! 2011-09-20
sejr99999 thank you will definitely create a place for these nice work 2011-09-20
Alysaar the readme file is messed up? or its just me... anyways thanks for this! 2011-09-19
eufl 2011-09-19
mattb325 Thankyou so much! I have been eyeing these off in your thread for some time :-) 2011-09-19