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Creator: girafe Upload Date: 2011-09-19
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This is a set of 3 cattails flora for the mayor menu. It contains 2 different versions:

- summer

- seasonal

You could find these creations in mayor mode at the beginning of the list. For LOTters, these trees are available in Lot Editor Flora Section's, under the name: Grfe_cattails_...

Cooperation between lot of members for this set - special thanks to Lowkee33 for the seasonal modding and Quesh for the icons.

UPDATE 19th October 2011

Fix immortal bug for evergreen props

Fix prop A available under LE

UPDATE 23rd August 2013

Item order has been changed
Icons have been tweaked


Salva1914 Nice work! 2017-02-01
Badsim 2011-09-25
amthaak 2011-09-24
andreykm You are THE BEST EVER! 2011-09-23
supremec Absolutely amazing!! thank you a lot for your work! 2011-09-22
Quesh Impeccable comme toujours ! Perfect as always! 2011-09-21
Une_ame Merci Girafe pour ton super taf ! 2011-09-21
zyw5713808 2011-09-20
vortext excellent, we need more seasonal mmp :) 2011-09-20
Darth_Yencoron Good oh another way for me to hide my landscaping stuff ups :D thank you :) 2011-09-20
halenbyname_ny nice one :)) 2011-09-20
SimVlasky Yey! They are here! Thank you so very very much, they look awesome! 2011-09-20
noahclem What a pleasant surprise today!! Thanks a lot! 2011-09-20
emperordaniel great stuff! 2011-09-20
sejr99999 thank you will definitely create a place for these nice work 2011-09-20
Alysaar the readme file is messed up? or its just me... anyways thanks for this! 2011-09-19
eufl 2011-09-19
mattb325 Thankyou so much! I have been eyeing these off in your thread for some time :-) 2011-09-19