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Creator: Lowkee33 Upload Date: 2011-09-15
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These files will let you plop the trees/shrubs/flowers from CPVol_01 as mayor-mode seasonal flora

Seasonal Flora Patch

BSC MEGA Props CP Vol01



sejr99999 thank you this is an excellent way to get more usage of these props 2012-11-15
soultaker bueno muy bueno 2012-06-10
Lowkee33 @Mulu: They aren\'t my trees, I just made them seasonal @Harry: I\'d imagine there are non-seasonal plops for these trees somewhere :) 2012-01-25
harryloko20 Awesome, but in my menum, only appear trees ,\"like yellow and red\" i want the green :( 2012-01-18
Mulu2065 Lowkee, I highly thank you for this, http://i1101.photobucket.com/albums/g424/Zulu2065/Treestreestrees-Oct13041317858201.png?t=1317858412 I really love your trees and they will be featured in my CJ with these trees all across the region and in the mountains. Please keep this on the LEX forever. 2011-10-05
Mulu2065 Anyone who has season problems, if you want your trees to match your cities seasons, plop them only on September 25 no matter what. 2011-09-24
Aaron Graham Great Job!!! 5/5 2011-09-23
Mulu2065 There\'s no problem, the trees are fine, just plant them on October them the first day you see multi-color leaves. 2011-09-21
evarburg It looks wonderful... but dezips only with \"text\" and URLs\" for me, no data. Any suggestion for solving that problem ? 2011-09-17
supremec Awesome!!! 2011-09-17
fred wu 2011-09-16
dwelln8hss32 Nice. Thanks, Lokee. And Cycledogg, for the flora! 2011-09-16
mattb325 Thankyou for sharing! 2011-09-16
Mulu2065 OH MY GOD! Thank you, you finally made them!!!! I love it, I love your CP trees too. Thank you so much this was much needed, look for my upcoming CJ, your trees will be in it! 2011-09-15
girafe Thanks for sharing :) 2011-09-15