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Creator: xannepan Upload Date: 2011-09-04
Last Update: 2012-03-20 File Type: Realistic
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*** UPDATED: Now with HD Trees. PLEASE REMOVE ALL PREVIOUS QUAI DE SEINE FILES BEFORE INSTALLATION *** This river bank add on is inspired on the river seine in Paris. The add on contains multiple lots which will allow for plenty of variation. Please carefully read this document before installation.


beno1440 loked because its been updated to this: http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=2774 2013-03-11
Liszak What...why is it blocked? It\'s absolutely awesome! 2012-07-23
Une_ame A must have for all the Paris builders !! 2012-03-13
958517907 love it 2012-02-03
WilliamKing I am getting rid of the bitterness of constructing river band!!! 2011-11-25
zyw5713808 Great!!!!!!!!!! 2011-11-12
dengyaxiang ahhhhhhhh,thanks very much ,i love it ;D 2011-10-20
chester WOW! just beautiful. thank you. 2011-10-14
Tenzwood Yummy! Fantastic job. 5 stars to you :D 2011-09-22
adsaga Absolutely amazing. Thank you, Xannepan. Are you going to add beach lots on the Seine river banks? LOL. 2011-09-10
cacaca this is what i was waiting! thanks a lot! it would be much better if one of those river walls works as a marina too ;) 2011-09-08
stonehengeFM29 beautiful! 2011-09-08
Aaron Graham Great Job!!! 5/5 2011-09-07
girafe thanks for sharing :) 2011-09-07
Ceridwen very nice indeed! 2011-09-05
issa76 Great!!!!!!!!!! 2011-09-05
hard8 Awesome work,just what the game needed, hope a grey dingy one is down the pipeline for the industry area 2011-09-05
043 WOW. Fantactic JOB! 2011-09-04
gniniart There aren\'t a lot of these kinds of lots! Beautiful :) 2011-09-04
Mulu2065 Oh keep this, it will help my waterfront downtown! I love it! 2011-09-04
jayguum is it only works to euro road texture ? 2011-09-04
jack_wilds this is an exceptional work -as I watched it unfold in your thread, well done and thank you for sharing it 2011-09-04
dmonsta19 fantastic :) 2011-09-04
seven_sins awesome :) 2011-09-04