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The trees from CP 2009a are now found in BSC MEGA Props CP Vol 02.

This download will allow you to place the trees that were in CP Prop Pack 2009a as seasonal flora.


Seasonal Flora Patch

BSC MEGA Props CP Vol 02

Support can be found here:
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Mulu2065 I mean thank you, I hope you release the Cycledogg ones. I see these trees don\'t experience Spring, they just skip to Summer. 2011-08-20
Mulu2065 Thanky you! 2011-08-20
SimNation Very nice work was waiting for this to happen someday 2011-05-26
Silur Thank YOU ... 2011-05-23
Aaron Graham Great Job!!!!1 5/5 2011-05-23
huntingfire This is great ! Long awaited ! 2011-05-23
supremec Fabulous, thank you a lot for this! 2011-05-22
mattb325 Excellent - thankyou for all of your efforts - my regions will never look the same again ;-) 2011-05-21
girafe Superb, thanks Carl :) 2011-05-21