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These larger Nexis Water Pumping Stations on 3X3 lots created for bigger cities come in two different versions, batwise and lotwise. (see pictures) Choose one or keep both.

Discussions about Nexis Lots/BATs can be placed in: Nexis Works

Or my MD where I show most of my new and upcoming BATS: The Winding River Project

Credit goes to jmyers2043 for tweaking and custom icons/thumbnails etc and BarbyW for convincing me to upload to the LEX and helping me generally.

Have Fun with Nexis

Please read the enclosed Readme for more detailed info.


stalin187 Briliant! 2015-07-27
rummtata Excellent. There are few enough water pumps put there, and this one is great for larger cities. 2015-03-22
heman123 it\'s very cool! 2013-08-25
cathay330 How beautiful the pump is! 2012-02-06
tarmiji thanks 2011-11-10
0ko i hope it\'s usefull 2011-10-04
sc980 how do i install it? 2011-08-18
Tenzwood Very nice :D Will ad great detail to small country towns too. 2011-04-25
gyx2300 2011-04-19
metarvo All right! There have been quite a few custom water towers, but I hardly ever see any custom water pumps released. This one looks so good, too! 2011-04-17
dazniniel Increible... Muchas Gracias....!!!! 2011-04-16
jack_wilds Thanks for building and then sharing, this makes for better civic variety 2011-04-16
Shark7 Nice to have a water pump station that actually looks like a water pump station complete with the station and work stations. The small town I live in (~2000 people) has a water pump station that is not unlike this one. 2011-04-16
sejr99999 thank you looks great and nice addition to utilities 2011-04-16
lynncanox sorry, I used my wife\'s name, I cannot connect with mrbisonm today 2011-04-16
lynncanox Jorge_carrillo: Use the *howdryiam* cheat if you need that much water or wait until I finished my SPU sets (Super Production Utilities) 2011-04-16
halenbyname_ny great work with this very detailed and a great addition to my water networks 2011-04-16
Jorge_carrillo Well I have seen it, onli 400,000, but it uses 9 tiles, so it is more space productive to keep using large Maxis 2 tile pump for 200,000. 2011-04-16
Jorge_carrillo In my large cities I have to Use almost 8 large maxis pumps, of 200,000 cubic meters, What volume does your pump provide? 2011-04-16
mrbisonm Just to mention: This is a Nexis BAT, the first on the LEX and also as always.....NO dependencies! Sorry, forgot to mention it. 2011-04-15
slydishere Looks great!! I can\'t wait for the whole package,,,Thank you 2011-04-15
jmyers2043 Nice to have a different looking water building to choose from. Thank You. 2011-04-15